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Appendix AFour-Month Rolling Programme
Appendix B.1FINANCIAL STRATEGY 2004/2005 – 2006/2007
Appendix B1 Annexe 1Draft Capital Programme 4/5 General Fund
Appendix B1 Annexe 2General Fund 3 Year Capital Programme
Appendix B.2FINANCIAL STRATEGY 2004/2005 – 2005/2006

Appendix B.2 Annexe 1General Fund Revenue Account,
Appendix B2 Annexe 22004/05 Variatins revenue
Appendix B.2 Annexe 3Reductions Implemented in Base
Appendix B2 Annexe 4New legislation
Appendix FReview of Compensatory Grants
Appendix B2 Annexe 5Appendix B2 Annexe 5
Annexe 1Compensatory Grant Scheme
Annexe 2Compensatory Grant Scheme
Appendix C1 Annexe 1Housing Revenue Account
Annexe 3Recreation
Annexe 4Recreation Facilities
Appendix C2 Annexe 1Housing Revenue Account Summary
Annexe 5Compensatory Grants
Appendix DSetting of Council Tax Base
Annexe 6Compensatory Grants - Effect of 30% WBC Expenditure Base
Annexe 1Council Tax Bases
Appendix EBudget Monitoring - October 2003
Appendix GReference from the Corporate Overview and Scrutiny Committee
Appendix HRisk Management
Appendix IReference from Corporate Overview and Scrutiny Committee
Annexe 1Members' Allowances Scheme
Annexe 2Report of the Independent Remuneration Panel
Annexe AIndependent Remuneration Panel
Annexe BSpecial Responsibility Allowances
Annexe CList of Services, Equipment and Materials
Annexe DRecommended Rates for Travelling and Subsistence Allowance
Annexe 3Review of Members' Allowances
Appendix JAnti-Fraud and Anti-Corruption Strategy
Annexe 1Anti-Fraud and Anti-Corruption Strategy
Appendix KThe Council's Priorities
Appendix LCommunications Review
Annexe 1Draft Communications Strategy
Annexe 2Service Improvement Plan
Annexe 3Media Protocol for Members
Appendix AMedia List
Appendix BPress Releast Request Form
Appendix COfficers authorised to speak to the media
Appendix MFindings of the Service Review of Personnel Services - 2002/03
Annexe 1Background Information
Annexe 2Staffing Levels Comparison
Annexe 3Service Review of Personnel 02/03
Annexe 4General Improvement Plan
Appendix NWBC (Company Transport Plan
Annexe 1Travelwise
Appendix ODorlcote, Witley
Annexe 1Map - Dorlcote, Witley
Appendix PCapital Funding for Affordable Housing - Institute of Oceanography, Wormley
Appendix QProposed Public Speaking Scheme at Development Control and Area Development Control Sub-Committees
Annexe 1Public Speaking at Committee
Annexe 2Public Speaking Flow Chart
Annexe 3Pilot Period
Appendix RPlanning Policy Statement 12: Local Development Frameworks
Appendix SDraft Traffic Orders for the Hindhead Tunnel and A3 Issued by the Highway Agency
Index to Annexes - Draft Traffic Orders Report
Annexe 2Extract from A3 Hindhead Environmental Statement
Annexe 3.1Haslemere Town Council Statement
Annexe 3.2Surrey Hills AONB Partnership Statement
Annexe 3.3Stoat Presentation to WBC
Annexe 3.4Statement from the National Trust
Annexe 3.5Cyclists' view of the A3 Hindhead Proposals from CTC
Annexe 3.6Highways Agency - Conclusions
Annexe 3.7Haslemere & District Chamber of Trade & Commerce
Annexe 3.8Surrey County Council - A3 Hindhead Tunnel
Annexe 4Comments from Members of the Public
Annexe 5Summary of the Traffic Orders for the A3
Annexe 6Case for Closing the Old A3 Across Hindhead Common
Annexe 7Statement by T W Grillo FRICS
Annexe 8Hazel Grove Residents concerns
Appendix TStatement of Principles for the Hindhead Area
Annexe 1Statement of Principles for Hindhead
Appendix UThe Museum of Farnham - A Reconsideration
Annexe 1Access Audit Summary - The Museum of Farnham
Appendix VFarnham Maltings Refurbishment
Appendix WDealing with Dangerous Trees
Appendix XProvision of Youth Shelters
Appendix YTreasury Management - Borrowing and Investment Transactions and Performance Measurement
Annexe 1Comparative Rates of Return
Prosecution Policy - Fraud
Annexe 3Presentations from Representative Bodies
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