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AgendaAgenda 30th September 2002
AgendaFollow up Agenda
Appendix AFour-Month Rolling Programme Categorised by Portfolio - September (end of) 2002
Appendix BMembers' Allowances - Independent Remuneration Panel
Annexe 1 to Appendix BThe Report of the Independent Remuneration Panel
Annexe A to Appendix BIndependent Remuneration Panel
Annexe B to Appendix BSurrey Districts with populations over 85,000
Annexe C to Appendix BMembers Allowances and New Political Structures
Annexe D to Apendix BSchedule of Approved Duties for the Purposes of Carer's, Childcare, Travelling and Subsistence Allowances
Appendix CDraft Local Government Bill - Formula Grant Distribution
Annexe 1 Appendix CResponse to Consultation on Local Government Formula Distribution
Appendix DConsultation on Review of the Parking Strategy for Surrey
Annexe 1 to Appendix DThe Key Principles of the Srategy
Annexe 2 to Appendix DThe characteristics of parking package areas
Appendix ECorporate Strategy 2002 and Forward: Corporate Aims and Objectives
Annexe 1 to Appendix EDraft Corporate Aims and Objectives: 2002 and forward
Annexe 2 to Appendix EComments from Overview and Scrutiny Committees
Appendix FReview of Resource Needs in the Development Control Section of the Planning and Development Department
Appendix GSupporting People Strategy
Annexe 1 to Appendix GViewfoils used in the Supporting People Strategy presentation
Annexe 2 to Appendix GSupporting People Strategy
Appendix HConsultation Paper - The Way forward for Housing Capital Finance Suggested Response
Annexe 1 to Appendix HConsultation Paper : The Way Forward for Housing Capital Finance: Capital Receipts Pooling, LASHG (Local Authority Social Housing Grant), Radical Options for Reform
Appendix IResource Implications of Future Housing Service Reviews and Implementation of Improvement Plans
Appendix JProcurement of Cyclical Maintenance Conractors for 2003/04 and Subsequent Years
Appendix KGarage Blocks at Slip of Wood, Cranleigh
Annexe 1 to Appendix KMap showing garages at Slip of Wood, Cranleigh
Appendix LHousing Revenue Account - POlanned Maintenance 2002-2003 - Vehicular Access
Appendix MHousing Revenue Account = Planned Maintenance 2002-2003 - Major Repairs Allowance Funding
Appendix NHousing Revenue Account - Proposal to Increase Number of Parking Spaces at Manor Fields, Milford
Annexe 1 to Appendix NMap Sheet
Appendix 0Draft Statement of Accounts 2001/2002
Annexe to Appendix ODraft Statement of Accounts 2001/2002
Appendix PTreasury Management Policy
Annexe 1 to Appendix PTreasury Management Policy - Key Recommendations
Annexe 2 to Appendix PThe Treasury Management Policy Statement
Annexe 3 to Appendix PTreaury Management Practices (TMP's)
Appendix QDraft Supplementary Planning Guidance: Density and Size of Dwellings (Policy H4 of the Waverley Local Plan 2002)
Annexe to Appendix QDraft Supplementary Planning Guuidance booklet
Appendix 1 to Appendix QExtract from Waverley Local Plan 2002
Appendix RPractice Note: Brickworks
Annexe 1 to Appendix RPractice Note: Brickworks - August 2002
Appendix SLocal Agenda 21 Strategy - Annual Update
Annexe 1 to Appendix SReport on Progress with Implementing the Action Plan contained in the Strategy
Annexe 2 to Appendix SImplementation of Other Actions
Annexe 3 to Appendix SLA21 Sustainable Development Indicators
Appendix TRegularisation Accesses Over Common and Other Land - Scheme of Delegation
Appendix UEasement of Access to New Property at Robin Rag, The Common, Cranleigh
Annexe 1 to Appendix UMap showing Robin Rag, The Common, Cranleigh
Appendix VSiting of Telecommunications Mast - Godalming and Guildford Football Club, Meadrow, Godalming
Annexe 1 to Appendix VLetter from Hutchison DG UK Ltd re Media Base Station
Annexe 2 to Appendix VLetter from Stoppard Howes dated 23rd August 2002
Annexe 3 to Appendix VLetter from Cobwebs dated 9th August 2002
Appendix 4 to Appendix VMaps showing Godalming & Guildford FC
Appendix WEasement of Access to Chinthurst Cottage, Wonersh
Annexe 1 to Appendix WMap showing Licence for Access to Chinthurst Cottage, Wonersh Common, Wonersh
Appendix XBall Stop Netting, Hale Recreation Ground, Farnham
Annexe 1 to Appendix XHale Recreation Ground - Plan showing extent of ball stop fencing
Appendix YMontrose House, South Street, Farnham
Appendix ZElectronic Government for Service Delivery Progress Report
Annexe 1 to Appendix ZAnnexe 1 to Appendix Z
Appendix AAParish Boundary Reviews - Update
Appendix BBLocal Government Association General Assembly - Submission of Draft Motion
Annexe to Appendix BBGeneral Assembly Motions - Guidance for Authorities
Appendix CCVariable Interest Mortgages - Variation of Mortgage Interest Rate
Appendix DDInternal Audit Annual Report 2001/02
Appendix EEAppendix EE
Annexe 1 to Appendix EEGeneral Fund Revenue Account 2002/2003 Budget Summary
Annexe 2 to Appendix EEPotential Impact on General Fund Budget 2002/03
Annexe 3 to Appendix EEUse of Inflation Provision - 2002/2003
Annexe 4 to Appendix EEHousing Revenue Account - 2002/2003 Budget Summary
Annexe 5 to Appendix EEPotential Impact to 2002/03 Housing Revenue Account
Appendix FFEast Street, Farnham
Annexe 1 to Appendix FFEast Street Area of Opportunity, Farnham - Developer Competition - CABE Enabling Design Quality Report
Annexe 2 to Appendix FFPlanning Analysis of the Developer Bids
Annexe 3 to Appendix FFEast Street - Public Information Process
Annexe 3A to Appendix FFEast Street Regeneration Project Keeping the Public Information
Annexe 3B to Appendix FFAugust 2002 Management Summary
Annexe 3C to Appendix FFSeptember 2002 Management Summary
Annexe 3D to Appendix FFInput to the East Street Decision Making Process
Annexe 4 to Appendix FFLetter from Farnham Trust and Response by The Farnham Society
Annexe 9A to Appendix FFDraft Appraisal of Tenders Received for the Regeneration of East Street, Farnham
Supplementy to Appendix FF Agenda Item 35East Street, Farnham - Supplementary Report
Annexe 10 to Appendix FFSummary of Views Expressed