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Meeting of the Executive held on 05/04/2005
Officers’ comments on Waverley’s performance during the first nine months of 2004/05

Annexe 2

Officers’ comments on Waverley’s performance during the first nine months of 2004/05

General Corporate Health

BVPI 2 a
The audit of 2003/04 performance indicators reveals that we must return "nil" for this indicator because Waverley has not yet adopted the Equalities Standard for Local Authorities

Performance is +0.24% on the performance to the end of November.

Performance is a very slight deterioration (0.1%) in performance on the same period last year (89.4%).

Whilst the third quarter figure of 88.2% is 3.3% down on the same period in the previous year (91.5%), this position has improved in the collection figures for the year up to 31January 2005 being 97.3% compared to 98.1% in the previous year.

Housing Benefit/Council Tax Benefit

Performance is a significant improvement on performance for quarter 2 and close to the target of 29 days.

BVPI 78b
Performance is a significant improvement on performance for quarter 2. Performance for quarter 3 exceeds the target of 8 days.

This indicator is only 0.8% short of the target.

Performance represents an improvement of 10.04% on the performance at the end of quarter 2.

Finance Department – local indicators

There has been a +0.4% increase on the performance for quarter 2.

Environmental Services

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BVPI 109a-c
The figures reported against these indicators are for the three months ending 31 December 2004. The annualised figures against these indicators (i.e. the twelve months ending 31 December 2004) are as follows:
BVPI 204
A target has not been set for 2004/05 as there is some confusion concerning what this is measuring with data relating to two different time periods. There were 178 refusals in this quarter with only 19 appeals allowed.

Current performance reflects Member priorities and increasing workloads in Development Control. Members have agreed (subject to Planning Delivery Grant) the recruitment of dedicated enforcement staff.

The indicator reported in the six-monthly report as 40% referred to % of complete applications registered and acknowledged within 2 working days.

Based on the bi-annual questionnaire last undertaken May 2003.

Cultural Services

It is unlikely that the yearly target will be achieved due to lack of staff to supervise volunteers.

Christmas and the build-up for the holiday is a quieter period. Although the final quarter will be a good figure it might not be enough to meet the target.


Waverley’s performance is equivalent to that of the top quartile District Councils in 2002/03. The timing of further progress depends on the timetable for relevant works. Quarterly reporting is not therefore considered appropriate or meaningful.

BVPI 66a
This is an estimated figure for the whole year because this end of year indicator is not suitable for calculating on a half yearly or quarterly basis.

BVPI 74 & 75
The figures for BVPI 74 and 75 are collected on a three-yearly cycle and therefore not appropriate for quarterly reporting.

BVPI 183
Factors affecting how long applicants spend in hostel accommodation include the extent of their area choices for re-housing and whether they have kept their rent accounts clear. Whilst the Government is in favour of giving people choice, the exercise of this choice has consequences as to how soon we are able to bring to an end their stay in temporary accommodation.

Although the percentage of checks carried out has improved over the last year, the target has not been met due to the difficulties experienced with gaining access to some tenants' homes. Officers are currently making this process a Housing Department issue rather than just a Maintenance Section issue. It is hoped that involving all of the Housing Department at the earliest possible and practical opportunity will move us towards 100%.

LOHO34, 35 and 36
The results of these PIs continue to show improvement.

Community Legal Service
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Community Safety
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