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Meeting of the Executive held on 04/04/2006
The Farnham Maltings Refurbishment Proposals





[Wards Affected: All Farnham Wards]
Summary and purpose:

The purpose of the report is to update members on the progress of the refurbishment works at the Farnham Maltings and to seek approval for the release of further match funding for Phase 2 of the scheme.

Social, Environmental and Community Implications:

Additional refurbishments of the building will improve the capacity of the building to meet increasing demand and customers need. The refurbishment to the historic elements of the building will help to prolong the life of the building and preserve the heritage of this asset for future generations.

Resource and legal Implications:

There are resource and legal implications that are referred to in the body of the report. The report needs approval for the release of grants already included with capital programme.

E-Government Implications:

Information relating to the Maltings is available on the internet www.farnhammaltings.com and the organisation can be contacted by e-mail at info@farnhammaltings.com or via the Council’s web site.


1. The refurbishment of the Farnham Maltings South Wing, including the provision of performance/theatre space, is a key priority for the Council.

2. In December 2003, the Executive agreed to matched-funding raised by the Maltings for the refurbishment of the South Wing, on the basis of one-third Waverley Funding for two-thirds Maltings funding up to a maximum of 400,000, subject to meeting the conditions of the matched funding scheme. The total estimated cost for the project identified at that time was 1.2million.

3. The sum of 200,000 was included in the capital programme for 2004/5 and another 200,000 allocated in the 2005/6 programme, with a further sum of 350,000 committed in principle to funding future phases of the refurbishment on the basis of one-third Waverley Funding to two-thirds Maltings funding to an overall maximum on all phases of 750,000 from Waverley.

4. Given the difficulties encountered in raising the necessary funding for a complete scheme, the scope of Phase 1 was scaled down. The scope of the works primarily focused on bringing the South Wing back into use, opening up the entrance of the building and providing full access to the building with the installation of a lift. In line with the reduced scheme, the partnership funding from Waverley was also reduced from the originally anticipated 400,000 to 306,000. Phase 1 has now been completed on time and to budget.

Phase 2

5. Having completed Phase 1, the Maltings Trust has now turned their efforts to raising additional funds for the planned Phase 2 project. This element of the refurbishment is intended to restore the roof of the South Wing, replace the brickwork that is worn and out of character, restore windows and doorways and complete the fitting out of the interior of the South Wing (including new toilets, dressing rooms, Studio, and corridor access from the South West Kiln stairway.

Indicative Project Costs

6. A full breakdown of the estimated costs for Phase 2 is set out in Annexe 1 to this report. In total, the cost of Phase 2 is estimated to be 697,964, which would result in a contribution of 232,655 from Waverley.

External Funding

7. As this part of the refurbishment focuses on the heritage element of the building, the Maltings has applied to the Heritage Lottery Fund (HLF) for a large element of the funding required to carry out Phase 2. The application has been submitted pending a decision from the Board by 30th March. If successful, this could provide up to 300,000 towards the cost of the works. In addition, funding has also been secured from Arts Council England towards the provision of tiered seating, lighting and sound facilities for the newly created performance space. The Maltings continues to apply for grant funding from other various sources available to it.

Resource and Legal Implications

8. To date, the Maltings has received 306,000 from the Council towards the initial Phase 1 costs of 918,000. Phase 2 is anticipated to cost 697,964 and under the terms set out by the Council, if sufficient funding can be secured by the Maltings then Waverley has pledged to fund one third i.e. 232,655. A budget of 217,000 has been identified in the 2006/7 Capital Programme with the balance of 15,655 being met from slippage from the 2005/06 Programme to meet the total sum, should the Maltings secure the funding necessary. If successful it is anticipated that the seating, lighting, sound systems will be installed in April/May, the heritage works between June to September and the remaining fit out of the dressing rooms, toilets and bar in early 2007.

Analysis of Waverley’s Risks

9. The following risks have been identified:

Inability to raise sufficient partnership funding to complete phase 2.
Increased costs associated with phases 2 if there is a delay in securing partnership funding
Overspend on project once works begin.

10. To minimise some of the risk, it would be necessary for Officers to be satisfied that sufficient external funding had been secured to undertake Phase 2, before Waverley funding is formally offered.

11. Any funding agreed by Waverley would be subject to the organisation meeting the criteria set out in the community partnership funding scheme. The Maltings would also be required to enter into a funding agreement with the Council for this new element of grant aid, which will include any conditions around repayment of the grant and any actions in event of this scheme not proceeding.


12. Having successfully completed Phase 1 of the Maltings refurbishment, the organisation is now posed to start work on Phase 2, as originally intended. An application for funding has been made to the HLF and other local fundraising is continuing. If successful, the Maltings will be seeking approval for the partnership funding from Waverley, which has previously been agreed in principle.


The Executive recommends to the Council that:

1. the proposed phase 2 works be endorsed;

2. matched-funding be provided for phase 2, as outlined in the report, subject to meeting the conditions of the matched-funding scheme and to the Director of Finance being satisfied that external funding is in place; and

3. approval be given to the release of up to 232,655 for Phase 2 once the remaining partnership funding has been secured and the works have been undertaken.

Background Papers (DoEL)

There are no background papers (as defined by Section 100D(5) of the Local Government Act 1972) relating to this report.


Name: Julie Maskery Telephone: 01483 523432