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Meeting of the Environment and Leisure Overview and Scrutiny Committee held on 17/04/2007
Waste Management and Climate Change Special Interest Group 27th March 2007
Report to the Meeting of the Executive on 27th March 2007


27TH MARCH 2007



A.1 The SIG endorsed its new Terms of Reference, reflecting the expansion of its role to include climate change considerations.


B.1 The SIG considered a report which summarised the current issues in relation to the implementation of the revised system of refuse and recycling collections in Waverley.

B.2 Members discussed various improvements to the service and the financial implications of each, in the light of the funding available, which includes any remaining monies from the 80,000 budget from the 2006-7 capital programme for improvement to the bring site facilities; an additional sum of 100,000 from the 2007/8 revenue budget to develop the recycling and waste collection service and the return grant of 56,000 from the now pooled Waste Performance and Efficiency Grant.

B.3 The Waste Management and Climate Change SIG proposes to the Executive that:

The static Saturday Green Waste Collection service in Haslemere and in Godalming is retained in the ensuing financial year at an estimated cost of 30,000 to be met from the 100,000 budget;
Officers are asked to investigate extending this static Saturday collection service to Farnham and to Cranleigh at an additional estimated cost of 30,000;
The subscription for the kerbside green waste service be held at 40 per annum (20 for residents in receipt of statutory means tested benefits or for an additional two green bags) for the ensuing financial year, representing a subsidy of c7 per household;
The proposed lifting trolley be made available to residents on request at a cost equivalent to Waverley’s net cost plus any delivery costs, estimated at 11.75 plus delivery (50% reduction for residents in receipt of statutory means tested benefit) limited to one trolley per household;
Officers be asked to investigate further the potential to increase the frequency of collections from the cardboard bring sites as well as the number of sites in the Borough and to report to the next meeting of the SIG;
Officers further investigate, with partners, the implications and feasibility of introducing bio-diesel for refuse freighters, battery recycling and kitchen waste collection; and
Waverley sends a letter of thanks on behalf of the SIG to Veolia staff for their hard work to ensure a smooth service following the recent fire which closed the Slyfield depot, and high winds which closed Albury landfill site last week. Their actions providing alternative tipping facilities enabled an uninterrupted service.

CLIMATE CHANGE C.1 The SIG discussed the second part of the report which introduced Climate Change as a significant matter for consideration. Members were each given a copy of the book ‘An Inconvenient Truth’ by Al Gore and were invited to watch the film at the end of the meeting.

C.2 Members discussed the suggested Climate Change Review and Investigation Process which set out a proposal for the SIG’s work over the coming year. Officers explained that the activities would be prioritised at the next meeting.

C.3 Various measures that might be undertaken by Waverley in terms of tackling climate change were discussed, including the ECSC base level survey of Waverley’s energy consumption, the possibility of introducing a bio-mass boiler, efforts to encourage more zero carbon homes and incentives for electric cars in car parks.

C.4 Members discussed the application made by Bramley Parish Council to Waverley’s Community Partnership Fund to replace its own street lighting with more energy efficient lighting. Members agreed that the project’s principle should be supported and officers be asked to review the application.

The Waste Management and Climate Change SIG proposes to the Executive that:

The review process be agreed, subject to interim recommendations being presented after six months, as a way of conducting the Climate Change element of the work of the SIG; and
An opportunity be given for all Members of the Council to view ‘An Inconvenient Truth’.

Present at the Meeting Apologies for absence

Mr V K Scrivens (Chairman) Mr M H W Band
Mr M W Byham Mr A Rayner
Mrs M V M Hunt Mr J R Sandy
Mrs D M James (part meeting)
Mr J C S Mackie
Mr K T Reed

The following officers were present:

Peter Maudsley
Martin Shorten
Fotini Kallipoliti
Graeme Clarke
Malcolm Bookham
Paul Redmond
Denise Gillies
Verity O’Connell
Gill Dally

External representatives

Paul Cunnington/Colin Davies – Veolia

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