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Meeting of the Environment and Leisure Overview and Scrutiny Committee held on 15/01/2008
Sponsored Organisation Scheme - Applications for Revenue Funding 2008/09


15 JANUARY 2008
[Portfolio Holder for Finance: Cllr M H W Band]
[Wards Affected: All]

Summary and purpose:

The purpose of this report is to consider the applications from the Sponsored Organisations for revenue funding in 2008/09.

The report details the assessment of applications against the approved Sponsored Organisation Scheme criteria and provides recommendations for funding.

Environmental implications:

Many of the Sponsored Organisations contribute towards improving the environment in which Waverley’s residents live.

Social / community implications:

The organisations that Waverley supports under the Sponsored Organisations Scheme provide valuable services to the community that benefit a large number of Waverley’s residents. Waverley’s contribution to the Waverley Voluntary Grants Partnership (WVGP) helps support organisations specifically in the social and welfare area.

E-Government implications:

There are no direct E-Government implications arising from this report. Sponsored Organisation Scheme application forms and guidance notes are available electronically by email and on the Council’s website.

Resource and legal implications:

The total value of the funding awarded to Sponsored Organisations in the current financial year (2007/08) is 603,344. In addition, a contribution of 52,400 has been made towards the Waverley Voluntary Grants Partnership (WVGP) for social welfare organisations, some of which were previously funded from the Sponsored Organisations Scheme. A table detailing the grants requested by each organisation for 2008/2009 together with the grants approved in the current year is attached at Annexe 1.

At its meeting in September 2007, the Executive agreed to continue to contribute to the Waverley Voluntary Grants Partnership in 2008/09 on the same basis as in 2007/08. The 2007/2008 Budget also includes an annual revenue contribution of 4,000 to help facilitate the improved allocation of grants from the WVGP. The Executive also agreed that the overall funding for the SOS and the WVGP be increased in line with inflation, but that this increase be considered alongside other demands on the Council’s finances during the budget process. These pressures were presented to Members at the Finance Seminar in October and were considered further at meetings of the Overview and Scrutiny Committees in November, and the Executive in early December.

Given these pressures, Members will need to decide whether the Council will be able to increase the SOS pot and/or the contribution to the Waverley Voluntary Grants Partnership (WVGP) in the 2008/09 Budget. Currently Officers in this report have shown the impact of a 3% inflation increase but have not identified any above-inflation increases in core grant for individual SOS organisations and have only proposed funding for two new organisations from the six that applied.

The total SOS officer recommendations for core grant in 2008/09 is 620,076, an increase of 16,732 over the 2007/08 budget. In addition, a further increase of 7,850 is recommended for Citizens Advice Waverley for staff car park use. This amount is currently elsewhere in Waverley’s budget and it is proposed that it is combined with the organisation’s SOS grant. More details are included later in the report. Members’ decision in October was to increase the grant to the WVGP by inflation in 2008/09, which would have been an increase of 1,600 to 54,000.


1. The principal aim of the Sponsored Organisation Scheme is to ‘provide financial support for the on-going revenue costs of voluntary and charitable organisations that are delivering high priority services for the benefit of Waverley residents in partnership with the Council’.

2. In October 2007, the Executive approved the grant eligibility, criteria and timetable for 2008/09, taking into account the comments of the Community Overview and Scrutiny Committee. These are detailed in the application guidance at Annexe 2. Members gave particular consideration to the inclusion of Social/Welfare organisations, the treatment of general financial reserves and the degree to which organisations contribute towards Waverley’s Corporate Plan objectives.

3. At the October 2007 meeting, the Executive also agreed that:

o The Sponsored Organisation Scheme would be open to new organisations to apply for funding in 2008/09. o The Council should continue to contribute to the Waverley Voluntary Grants Partnership in 2008/09 on the same basis as in 2007/08.

o A funding increase in-line with inflation is proposed, but that such an increase will be assessed alongside other demands on Council finances during the budget process.


4. A total of 31 applications for revenue funding in 2008/09 have been received, 25 of which are from existing Sponsored Organisations and 6 are from new applicants.

5. In total, the funding requested by the organisations for 2008/09 is 734,999. The summary table detailing all the Sponsored Organisation Scheme applications is attached at Annexe 1. Waverley’s link officers have provided a summary description of each organisation along with their grant recommendation and this is contained in Annexe 3. Members of the Overview and Scrutiny Committees are requested to discuss the grant levels proposed by officers and pass and suggested changes or other observations to the Executive.

Grant Criteria and Assessment of Applications

6. Each application has been assessed against the Sponsored Organisation Scheme grant eligibility and criteria by the relevant ‘link officer’ within each service area. In addition, Waverley’s accountants have undertaken a financial assessment of each organisation’s annual accounts. The link officers, as part of assessing the grant applications, have taken the results from these financial assessments, together with information about organisations reserves policy, into account.

7. The recommended grants are shown in the table at Annexe 1. Waverley’s service officers recognise the high level of community benefit that each organisation provides and this is reflected in the narrative in Annexe 3. Officers are currently showing an inflationary increase for those existing organisations that have requested additional funding. This recognises that many of these organisations have a high proportion of staff and property costs which generally increase each year.

Other Financial Support From Waverley

8. In addition to SOS funding, a number of the applicants have been offered other financial support from Waverley in recent years. Revenue support has been given in the form of mandatory and discretionary rate relief and financial contributions have also been made to capital projects throughout the Borough from Waverley’s Community Partnerships Fund. To help Members in their consideration of SOS grant levels, any Waverley funding for SOS applicants from other sources is detailed in Annexe 4.

Citizens Advice Waverley

9. Waverley’s budget currently includes an amount of 7,850 for reimbursing Citizens Advice staff their car parking costs incurred in the course of their duties around the Borough. Officers propose that this budget is added to Citizens Advice Waverley’s core SOS grant and that they manage their staff parking arrangements in future rather than claiming money back from the Council on a pay-as-you-go basis. This will enable the CAB to review its procedure and potentially achieve a cost saving.


10. The Community and Environment and Leisure Overview and Scrutiny Committees will consider this report in January and their observations will be passed to the Executive to consider at its meeting in February. Applicants will be notified of the results of their applications after the Council meeting on 19th February 2008.


That Members of the Overview and Scrutiny Committee consider the applications for Sponsored Organisation Funding in 2008/09 within the Committee’s remit and, taking account of the link officers’ assessments and recommendations, pass their observations to the Executive. Background Papers (DoF)

Sponsored Organisation Scheme application forms.


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