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Meeting of the Environment and Leisure Overview and Scrutiny Committee held on 11/09/2007



MemberSuggestionsOfficer Comment
Patricia EllisTransport: Concerned at number of huge lorries on very unsuitable roads in the Borough. Using our local knowledge could we work with SCC to designate roads as suitable/unsuitable for lorries.Outcome will depend to some extent on the resources that SCC has to focus on this issue. May require more details, for example, is this perceived to be a Borough wide issue or is it a response to problems in a specific locations?
Recycling: Some plastics are suitable for recycling but are not collected by Waverley. Many residents recognise the symbols and are keen to increase their contribution to recycling in this way.It would be helpful for ELOS to undertake this work because the reasons behind why Waverley only collects plastic bottles at present are not widely understood. ELOS may also wish to explore opportunities for extending the range of recyclable plastics it collects.
Review the Street Cleaning programme.The Street Cleaning programme is contained in a schedule to the existing Waste Management Contract. Frequencies are based on the need to comply with the Statutory Code of Practice issued by the Secretary of State under The Environmental Protection Act 1990. The next opportunity to undertake a wide-scale review of the programme will be at the time of re-letting the contract in 2012, preparations for which will begin in 2010.

Members are welcome to request copies of the programme for their area and discuss possibilities to revise it where there are locally based needs. Any service-delivery questions or complaints should also be raised directly with officers of the Environmental Services Team.
Nerissa Warner-O’NeilEnvironmental matters etcFurther information requested to define scope of review and to be able to comment more specifically.
Car ParksThe Council is just 4 months into the introduction and consolidation of the substantial task of managing Decriminalised Parking Enforcement across the Borough, both on-street and off-street, and reversing the effects of years of parking practices on the streets. Effective on-street parking enforcement and management will affect the use of off-street car parks and influence the need to review their operation. We are dealing with a plethora of parking management issues thrown up by effective on-street enforcement and are working urgently with Surrey County Council to address the many problems of limited on-street parking capacity, particularly in residential areas.

There are a number of developing issues in parking provision in relation to railway operating companies’ parking plans and the significant parking issues surrounding the East Street, Farnham development. Further legislation (Part 6 of The Traffic Management Act 2004) is expected to be introduced in April 2008, giving additional powers to the Council in parking enforcement but introducing a raft of new statutory procedures. The Council needs to update its Parking Strategy to include on-street and off-street parking policies but it would be premature to review 'Car Parks' operation in isolation until the effects of all the emerging and developing initiatives have had time to consolidate. The Director of Environment and Leisure would recommend that a wider 'Parking Strategy Review' which would pick up 'Car Parks' would be more productive and relevant if it was carried out after reviewing the effects of 12 months of DPE i.e., later in 2008.
Building ControlFurther information requested to define scope of review and to be able to comment more specifically.
[Liz Wheatley*Land Drainage - now referred to as Flood Risk ManagementThe Council's responsibilities in this matter have changed recently and, with the national debate on drainage responsibilities and powers currently to the fore, in response to flooding across the Country, and the argument that climate change may have an influence on increased flooding risk, now is probably an opportune moment to review the Council's role in this subject.

However, the total manpower allocation of just 1.4 full-time equivalent staff (which includes all support staff; finance, legal, corporate etc) means that finding the resources to carry out the review will be challenging. The Manager's current commitment to continuing to direct the introduction and consolidation of Decriminalised Parking Enforcement both on-street and off-street, and assisting SCC with its urgent review of the on-street parking regulations across the Borough, dictates that the Flood Risk Management Review should be conducted later rather than earlier in the ELOS programme]
Andrew WilsonNew development and transport: As more settlements are to be built in Waverley e.g. that proposed next to Milford Hospital there is a pressing need for better public transport. Can we work with the operators both bus and train and SCC to see what can be done? Parking obviously comes into the equation.Verbal update
Climate Change: feels that we should do less on climate change as it will cost more than it achieves. More interest in doing more on recycling to conserve resources.Verbal update
Diane JamesRecycling: additional bring sites in the other than 4 main towns, ideally for cardboard, tetra-pak cartons and aluminium foil.
Happy to propose Ewhurst for evaluation
Verbal update
Transport : extension of bus services to cover Sundays and evenings in rural areas.Verbal update
Foothpaths: completion of footpath linking Cranleigh and Ewhurst alongside Cranleigh Road Possible inclusion of cycle path as well.Verbal update

* This subject was originally submitted as a suggestion for the Corporate O and S Committee but actually falls within the remit of ELOS.

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