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Waverley Borough Council Committee System - Committee Document

Meeting of the Executive held on 06/02/2007

1. To participate constructively in the good governance of the Borough.
2. To contribute actively to the formation and scrutiny of the authority’s policies, budget, strategies and service delivery
3. To represent effectively the interests of the Ward for which the councillor was elected, and deal with constituents’ enquiries and representations
4. To champion the improvement of the quality of life of the community in terms of equity, economy and environment
5. To represent the council effectively, when appointed to an outside body, such as a charitable trust or association, etc.
6. To act at all times with probity and propriety in the best interest of the Council

Duties and Responsibilities
1. To fulfil the statutory and locally determined requirements of an elected member of a local authority and the authority itself, including compliance with all relevant codes of conduct, and participation in those decisions and 2. To deal with constituents inquiries and either help direct them to another public body, or, if relating to a Waverley service, to help them contact the correct department and to help ensure that they receive a fair response.
3. To participate effectively as a member of the Executive, any Committee or Special Interest Group (SIG) to which the councillor is appointed, including related responsibilities for the services falling within the Committee’s (or SIGs) terms of reference, and its liaison with other public bodies to promote better understanding and partnership working
4. To participate in the activities of an outside body to which the Councillor is 5. To participate in the scrutiny or performance review of the services of the authority including, where the authority so decides, the scrutiny of policies and budget, and their effectiveness in achieving the strategic objectives of the Council
6. To participate, as appointed, in consultative processes with the community and with other organisations
7. To provide a link between the authority to the community, through the various forums available
8. To develop and maintain a working knowledge of the authority’s services, management arrangements, powers/duties, and constraints, and to develop good working relationships with relevant officers of the authority
9. To develop and maintain a working knowledge of the other organisations and services which serve the local Borough
10. To contribute constructively to open government and democratic renewal through active encouragement to the community to participate generally in the democratic process
11. To participate in the activities of any political group of which the councillor is a member
12. To maintain confidentiality in all relevant Council business
To fulfil his or her role an effective Member requires the following:

Representing and supporting communities,
- Good advocacy skills
- Awareness of the needs their Ward
- Interpersonal skills
- Integrity and the ability to set aside own views and act impartially
- The ability to present relevant and well reasoned arguments
- Good communication skills

Making decisions and overseeing council performance:
- Knowledge and understanding of meetings law, rules and conventions
- An understanding of strategic, policy and service contexts for decisions
- The ability to challenge ideas and contribute positively to policy development

Representing the Council (subject to appointment):
- Good public speaking skills
- Good presentation skills
- The ability to persuade others and act with integrity

Internal governance, ethical standards and relationships:
- An understanding of the roles of officers, members and different agencies
- Respect for, and desire to work with, different groups and individuals
- Have knowledge and understanding of the Code of Conduct and Member/Officer Protocol
- A knowledge and commitment to the values of the Council

Personal and role development:
- An ability to asses personal and role development needs
- Desire and skills to participate in development