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Meeting of the Environment Overview and Scrutiny Committee held on 23/09/2002
Extract from Waverley Local Plan - Environmental Implications of Development

Extract from Waverley Local Plan 2002 – Policy D1 (Environmental Implications of Development)


Environmental Implications of Development

2.9 Virtually all developments result in an impact on the environment, changing the appearance of land or buildings or affecting the activities that are carried out on a site. Planning applications must provide adequate information for these impacts to be assessed. The sensitivity of the Borough’s environment means that even relatively small-scale developments need rigorous assessment. Large scale proposals may require an Environmental Impact Assessment in accordance with the relevant EU Directive and Statutory Instruments(2). The Council will therefore require appropriate information to enable the environmental implications of a development to be assessed in accordance with Structure Plan Policy EN2 (Environmental Assessment).

2.10 This assessment will cover a range of impacts. Policy D1 is an overarching policy setting out the principal concerns. These are amplified through the other policies of the Plan with the exception of the issue of environmental pollution, which is amplified in the text leading to Policy D2 (Compatibility of Uses). In assessing the environmental implications of development, the Council will take into account the views and recommendations of the Environment Agency and other bodies with a responsibility or expertise in environmental matters.

(extract from comms/o&s3/2002-03/040)