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Meeting of the Executive held on 18/10/2005

MINUTES of the Special MEETING of the EXECUTIVE held on 18th October 2005 at 7.52 p.m.

(To be read in conjunction with the agenda for the meeting)

*Miss G B W Ferguson (Chairman)*Mr C H Mansell
*Mrs C E Savage (Vice-Chairman)*Mr K T Reed
*Mr S D Edge *Mr J E Robini
*Mr B Grainger-Jones*Mr V K Scrivens
*Mr P Haveron
* Present

128. MINUTES (Agenda Item 1)

The Minutes of the Meeting held on 11th October 2005 were confirmed and signed.


There were no interests raised under this heading.


RESOLVED to RECOMMEND that the response to Surrey County Council’s consultation be as follows:-

1. in the overall context of the Plan, to support the proposed regional growth levels (28,900 dwellings per annum for the South -East and 220 for "Rest of Surrey") in the current South East Plan (SEP);

2. to support the SEP policy approach to growth (i.e. focus on growth areas and in hubs in sub-regional areas), as this is based on similar principles to Waverley's Core Strategy;

3. to advise Surrey that Waverley understands why Surrey has adopted a capacity-based approach for allocations (protection of Metropolitan Green Belt, etc.), but to object strongly to the total of 245 dwellings per annum proposed for Waverley as:-

(a) this is in excess of the SEP proposals for the whole of the "Rest of Surrey" area and also conflicts with the sustainability ethos which is the consistent theme which runs through the SEP;

(b) the methodology is based on only a five year analysis of housing completions which is too short a period on which to base a twenty year projection;

(c) the Council accepts that this methodology has been applied consistently across Surrey, but, as a result, it fails to recognise the particular situation in Waverley, especially Waverley’s success recently in bringing forward exception sites for affordable housing which has inflated the number of small and medium windfall sites in the Borough over the last five years;

(d) as far as the proposed growth levels go over the next ten years (i.e. up to 2016), Waverley is confident it can bring forward major sites to meet a lower target, but at the proposed higher level of development, these sites will be exhausted and Waverley will either have to accelerate the number of windfall sites which have a range of disadvantages as set out below, or to allocate new large Greenfield sites for development;

4. to advise Surrey that, because of all of the above factors, it be strongly urged to adopt a figure for Waverley that is below 220 a year, which would still represent a significant increase over the average level of the last five years;

5. the provision of affordable housing is a central corporate objective for Waverley. A "windfall" based approach is not, currently, as efficient in delivering affordable housing as allocating growth in proposals that have a substantial critical mass. The Council notes, however, that further Government guidance is expected immediately on the issue of planning benefits; and

6. whilst acceding to Option 1 of the South East Plan, Waverley notes with some concern that Surrey is focussing its infrastructure provision policies on the "hubs" and that Waverley is worried that the impact of large developments in North Hampshire and North West Sussex will put Waverley's adjacent infrastructure under strain, with no prospect of funds for improvements.

The meeting concluded at 8.45 p.m.