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Meeting of the Environment Overview and Scrutiny Committee held on 14/11/2001

The purpose of this report is to seek the Committee’s views on the draft Revenue Estimates for the services within its remit.




[Wards Affected: N/A]

Summary and Purpose

The purpose of this report is to seek the Committee’s views on the draft Revenue Estimates for the services within its remit.


1. At the commencement of the 2002/2003 Budget process, Members were invited to attend a seminar which was held on 8th October 2001. Items covered included an update of Waverley’s Financial Strategy, which showed that revenue reductions of some 500,000 were likely to be required for 2002/2003.

2. The Management Board have examined the draft Revenue Estimates in detail in order to identify opportunities where estimated expenditure may be reduced with minimal impact on service delivery, or where income may be increased. As a result of this examination, a number of adjustments have already been made to the draft budget. In the main, these adjustments relate to anticipated levels of income for 2002/2003. Other items will be presented to the Executive and Informal Council in December.

2001/2002 Revised and 2002/2003 draft Revenue Estimates

3. A copy of the draft Revenue Estimates for 2002/2003 covering services within the remit of this Committee, including proposals for variations to the base-level Revenue Estimates, is attached. Planning and Major Developments Portfolio services are contained at Annexe 1, Environment Portfolio services are contained at Annexe 2 and Culture and Leisure Portfolio services are contained at Annexe 3.

4. Applications for grants under the Sponsored Organisation Scheme for 2002/2003 have been received and the consideration of these is the subject of a separate report. At this stage, the detailed estimates for 2002/2003 relating to each organisation have been left blank. However, a global figure based on existing amounts has been included within each portfolio summary in order to show the overall budget situation.

5. Where budgetary approval for project/service plans expires by 31st March 2002, provision has been removed from the base estimates and if authority is sought to continue expenditure beyond that date a variation item has been included for an appropriate amount.

6. Members are reminded that from 2001/2002 the Revenue Estimates have been prepared in accordance with the CIPFA Best Value Accounting Code of Practice. In order to comply with this code of practice, several items previously classified as support costs, are no longer to be charged to General Fund services. These costs include Democratic Representation, District Audit (Regulatory) costs and Corporate Costs.

Fees and Charges

7. It is the Council’s practice to review its fees and charges each year with effect from the forthcoming 1st April. In several areas, increases in charges in line with delegated authority have been allowed for within the draft Estimates. However, in some areas it may be necessary to recommend further increases and these will be subject to consideration by the Executive on 4th December 2001 and Informal Council on 13th December 2001.


6. The view of this Committee will be reported to the Executive Committee on 4th December 2001 when it will give initial consideration to the draft Budget for 2002/2003. This consideration will include proposals to restrict expenditure levels in line with the Financial Strategy. The precise amount of the required reduction will not be known until the Government’s provisional Revenue Support Grant Settlement for 2002/2003 is announced at the end of November. A special council meeting will be held on 13th December 2001 to debate Waverley’s Budget Strategy for 2002/2003 in the light of this settlement. The Executive will give further consideration to the Budget in January and February with the final decisions being made at Council on 13th February 2002.


It is recommended that the Committee inform the Executive of its views on the draft Revenue Estimates for the services within its remit.

Background Papers (DoF)

There are no background papers (as defined by Section 100D(5) of the Local Government Act 1972) relating to this report.


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