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Waverley Borough Council Committee System - Committee Document

Meeting of the Executive held on 09/07/2002
Waverley's Constitution and Executive Arrangements


Review agreed by Council to take place after six months of operation:-

Points raised by Members and Officers to be looked at in the review.
Member Issues
IssueRaised by
Standing Orders for Council meetings
a) raising additional matters in replyMr Kinsella
b) supplementary questionsMrs King-Hele
Overview and Scrutiny (O&S)
a) Title of "Leisure" O&S Committee – change to "Corporate & Leisure"Mr Gates
b) Timing of FSR reviews and relationship to O&SMr Miller
c) Call in of FSR reports after previous workshopsMr Miller
d) Role of substitute members – do they have a right to speak if they have supported a call-in and subsequently are not required as substitutesMrs Savage
e) Role in monitoring reportsMr Wootton
f) More active role in best valueDr Thomas
g) Size of committeesDr Thomas / Mr Harmer
h) Use of dedicated staffing resourcesDr Thomas
i) Routing of items through overview and scrutiny Mr Slyfield
j) Overload of agenda if best value workshops includedMr Miller
a) Substitute members to be permittedMr Slyfield
b) Relationship / overlap with O&SDr Thomas
a) Rights to speak for O&S Chairman if new material / amendments revised, without having given noticeMr Slyfield
b) General involvement of O and S Chairmen, right to speak on all items, right of Executive chairman to ask them questionsDr Thomas/Mr Slyfield
Minute style recording of amendments and debatesMr Gates
Officer Issues
      Standing Orders
Questions to CouncilRP
Role of Returning OfficerSW
Records of exercise of discretionSW
      Scheme of Delegation