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Meeting of the Development Control Committee held on 05/09/2005
Western Area Development Control Sub-Committee 31st August 2005 - Report to the Meeting of the Development Control Committee on 5th September 2005


31ST AUGUST 2005


WA/2005/1254Erection of a replacement dwelling and garaging following demolition of existing dwelling and garaging (revision of WA/2004/2212) at Treetops, Clumps Road, Lower Bourne, Farnham
Mr & Mrs C J Renaud
Grid Reference:E: 485211 N: 144095
Ward:Farnham Bourne
Development Plan:MGB, AONB, AGLV
Highway Authority:No requirements
Drainage Authority: No requirements
Town Council:No objection

Relevant History

WA74/0063Erection of two single storey extension comprising study and sitting room additional and double garage
WA/2002/2431Erection of extensions and alterations
WA/2004/2212Erection of a replacement dwelling following demolition of existing dwelling and garage
Extensions have previously been permitted under WA/2002/2431. Treetops is a large dwelling set with extensive ground of 0.8 hectares (2 acres). The property was constructed in 1960 and is of no architectural merit. The permission in 2002 would have resulted in a dwelling of 350 square metres an increase over the dwelling as existing in 1968 of some 38.6%. Applicants have recently purchased property. The proposal is for a replacement dwelling of more traditional design in keeping with the style of other dwellings in the area with a floor area of 372.8 square metres excluding garaging. This is a 47% increase over the dwelling as existed in 1968. Planning permission was granted in 1974 for a study and utility room. The study was built, but not the utility room. Proposal complies with MGB policy and PPG2. In this instance, the proposed replacement dwelling would measure 372.8 square metres in habitable floor area representing an increase of 40% compared to the existing dwelling of 266.5 square metres. The 10% guideline of Policy RTD2A would therefore be breached indicating in policy terms the dwelling would be materially larger than the dwelling it replaces and therefore in conflict with Policy RD2A. A materially larger dwelling could only be permitted if it could satisfactorily be demonstrated that very special circumstances exist which would warrant setting aside of the normal strict policies of restraint. A planning application has already been approved for a replacement dwelling of very similar dimensions and location. The objective of the Local Planning Authority is to prevent inappropriate development in the Green Belt. The Local Planning Authority has already accepted, as appropriate development, the existing house together with an extension (extant permission WA/2002/2431 refers) and a replacement dwelling (WA/2004/2212). The proposal seeks to demolish the existing house and rebuild to a floor area equivalent to the existing floor area plus the approved extension plus 22.8 square metres or 8.5% of the existing. Officers consider that very special circumstances apply and that the proposed replacement dwelling would not be materially larger than that would result with the implementation of the extension permitted under WA/2002/2431 or the replacement dwelling permitted under WA/2004/2212 .

The design and appearance of the house will be larger than the existing, nevertheless, the character of the locality is one of large dwellings within large plots and therefore this proposal would not be harmful to the character of the area. Due to the extensive plot, orientation and distance between neighbouring properties. There will be no detrimental impact to the amenities of the neighbouring properties. The proposal is to close the existing access and form a new access which is acceptable by highway standards. The proposal is to provide an attached triple bay garage which can accommodate the required parking and is in accordance with Government guidance and policy. The proposed development therefore is unlikely to give rise to difficulties both for safe and convenient means of access to the site.
PART II - Matters reported in detail for the information of the Committee

There are no matters following within this category.

PART III - Brief summaries of other matters dealt with

Background Papers

The background papers relating to the following report items are as specified in the agenda for the meeting of the Western Area Development Control Sub-Committee.


B.1 Appeals Lodged

EN/2005/8Enforcement notice on Heathlands, Tilford Road, Rushmoor
WA/2005/0290Application for consent to fell trees the subject of Condition 2 of WA/1994/0258 at Three Corners, Sandy Lane, Rushmoor
WA/2005/1100Erection of a detached double garage following demolition of existing garage at Normanscourt, Tilford

B.2 Appeals Decision

TC/2004Proposed siting of an 8.5 metre high telegraph pole style Telecommunication monopole with antennas, equipment cabinet and ancillary works on grassed area adjacent to Brooklands Road, Heath End, Farnham.
WA/2004/1864Proposed demolition of an existing timber garage and construction of a new garage with facing brickworks and tiled roof at Little Barn, 22 Crooksbury Road, Runfold, Farnham.
WA/2004/1575Proposed first floor alterations to form new bedroom suite at 12 Hale Reeds, Heath End, Farnham.
WA/2005/0349Proposed fascia sign advertisement at Carpetright, Romans Business Park, East Street, Farnham

B.3 Inquiry Arrangements

Your Sub-Committee has noted information on public inquiry arrangements for its planning appeals.


Your Sub-Committee has noted the reports on the current situation regarding enforcement and related action previously authorised.

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