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Meeting of the Environment and Leisure Overview and Scrutiny Committee held on 14/11/2006
Draft General Fund Revenue Estimates 2007/2008

Waverley Borough Council

– 14TH NOVEMBER 2006
[Wards Affected: ALL]
Summary and purpose:

The purpose of this report is to seek this Committee’s views on the draft Revenue Estimates for the services within its remit.
Environmental implications:

There are no direct environmental implications as a result of the recommendation of this report. However, the estimates do include services that do have very significant environmental benefits.

Social / community implications:

There are no direct social/community implications as a result of the recommendation of this report. However, the estimates do include services that do have very significant social/community benefits.

E-Government implications:

The Estimates contain budgets to enable the delivery of Waverley’s E-Government Strategy.

Resource and legal implications:

There are no direct legal implications as a result of the recommendation of this report. Resource implications are contained throughout the report.


1. On the 30th October the annual Finance Seminar took place at Cranleigh Arts Centre. All Members were invited to attend with copies of the presentation sent to those not in attendance. The seminar covered an update of the Financial Strategy and particularly focused on issues regarding the Councils draft Budget for 2007/2008. It also focused on the Corporate Plan and the links between the two.

2. The draft Budget allows for the full-year effect of the ongoing items reported at Budget Monitoring. These should amount to a saving of some 500,000 in 2007/2008, including: additional interest from higher balances, higher interest rates and improved cash flow; and additional recycling income, reflecting the success of alternate-weekly collection. The January 2007 pay award is not yet known and at this stage the figures exclude any allowance for this.

2007/2008 Draft Revenue Estimates

3. The draft Revenue Estimates for 2007/2008 for the services within the remit of this Committee are attached in the following annexes:
Leisure and Culture Portfolio - Annexe 1
Planning and Major Projects Portfolio - Annexe 2
Environment Portfolio - Annexe 3
Car Parks - service Annexe 4

4. Applications for grants under the Sponsored Organisation Scheme for 2007/2008 will be the subject of a separate report to this Committee. At this stage, the detailed estimates for 2007/2008 relating to each organisation have been left blank. However, a global figure based on existing amounts has been included within each portfolio summary in order to show the overall budget situation.

5. The Asset Charges made to services do not include a charge for interest. The Statement of Recommended Practice (SORP) 2006 removed the need to make notional capital financing charges. The effect on the Budget is neutral.

Statutory Services

6. Each budget page contains an indication of whether the service provided is statutory, discretionary, or a mixture of the two. There are some statutory services where the level of service provided is greater than that required by law. This analysis will assist Members in giving consideration to the resources allocated to the various services. There will of course be other factors, such as the Council’s approved aims and objectives, public demand and political priorities.

Planning Delivery Grant

7. Waverley’s share of Planning Delivery Grant for 2007/2008 is not yet known, but is likely to be significantly lower than for 2006/2007. At this stage, for revenue estimate preparation purposes, a figure of 120,000 has been assumed; this is 50% of the 2006/2007 amount.

Fees and Charges

8. It is the Council’s practice to review its fees and charges each year with effect from the forthcoming 1st April. Planning and Building Control fees are largely determined by statutory Government guidelines. In other areas, increases in charges in line with delegated authority have been allowed for within the draft Estimates. Other proposed increases, including Car Park fees and charges, will be subject to consideration by the Executive on 5th December 2006 or during the subsequent Committee cycle.

Proposed Service Variations

9. Community Development Officer Youth - 7,000 is sought for Youth Initiatives and expenses.

10. Surrey Childrens Safeguarding Board - 1,000 annual contribution. 11. Trainee Ranger – dependent on the vacation of Park Lodge following the Park Lodge Restoration Plan, cost of training, protective clothing and equipment 3,000 together with the provision of free accommodation at a cost to the Council of 6,840 in lost rental income from Park Lodge.

12. Seasonal Staff – extend weekend casual staff cover at Frensham 1,600. Planning and Major Developments Portfolio

13. Legal Expenses – Additional requirement for legal work to allow for increased level of Enforcement 10,000.

14. Hindhead Project Officer – contribution to Surrey County Council 6,250.

15. Technical Advice on Telecommunications (masts) 2,500.

16. Local Development Framework – Public consultation 10,000.

Environment Portfolio

17. Environmental Cleaning – Graffiti removal 10,000. The contract only provides a limited sum for routine graffiti removal. Two years ago this was supplemented by significant external funding enabling graffiti to be removed soon after being reported, but this funding has now discontinued.

18. Waste Recycling – Green Waste Co-ordinator 25,000. This post is required in order to co-ordinate and promote the various aspects of green waste and other initiatives that have been introduced alongside alternate–weekly collection. At present much of this work is being undertaken by the additional temporary staffing approved to cover the implementation period.

Budget Variances

19. In general, no unavoidable growth in expenditure has been permitted within the draft 2007/2008 base estimates. However, there are areas where budget variances have arisen. These may result from such matters as contractual commitments, changed levels of use, changes to manpower allocations, or updated asset charges. A brief explanation of each significant budget variance within the remit of this committee for 2007/2008 is given below:

Culture and Leisure Portfolio (Annexe 1)

20. Farnham Leisure Centre – to make all leisure centre management contracts co-terminus in 2008, to consolidate the leisure management contracts into a single contract, the contract with DC Leisure will be extended to July 2008 at a cost of 68,000. Previously a management fee of some 40,000 was received by Waverley. (Council 26th April 2006)

21. Godalming Leisure Centre – new management arrangements 136,500, Supplementary Estimate approved for 2006/2007.

22. Trees Risk Management – In line with new accounting requirements, 80,000 has been removed from the Capital Programme and included in the 2007/2008 Revenue Estimates, split 50% to Recreational Open Space and 50% to Countryside. 23. Asset Repairs – In line with new accounting requirements, 15,000 has been removed from the Capital Programme and included in the 2007/2008 Revenue Estimates for Recreational Open Space.

24. Land Charges – additional income of 41,000 is forecast based on an increasing number of searches.

25. Building Control – the additional income of 20,000 is based on current figures.

26. Development Control – additional planning income of 50,000 is allowed for, based on the figure reported at budget monitoring to the end of September this year. The 2006-2007 target reduction of 45,000 has no longer been allowed for in the 2007-2008 staff allocations, as this is offset by the additional income.

Environment Portfolio (Annexe 3)

27. Refuse Collection – the estimates reflect the full-year contract cost reduction following the implementation of alternate-weekly collection. Additionally, the implementation costs for 2006-2007, which also covered additional staffing for Waste Recycling fall out in 2007-2008.

28. Waste Recycling – the estimates reflect the full-year contract cost reduction following the implementation of alternate-weekly collection. Implementation costs covering the purchase of containers fall out in 2007-2008. In addition, the income figures allow for the projected increased volumes of materials being recycled.

Car Park Service (Annexe 4)

29. Rolling Programme – 20,000 has been transferred from the Capital Programme in line with accounting requirements, as this relates to repairs and minor works rather than major resurfacing.


30. The views of this Committee will be reported to the Executive on 5th December 2006 when it will give initial consideration to the draft Budget. This consideration will include proposals to restrict expenditure levels in line with the Financial Strategy. The Government’s provisional Revenue Support Grant Settlement for 2007/2008 is due to be announced at the end of November and the implications of this will be reported on 5th December 2006. The Executive and Overview and Scrutiny Committees will give further consideration to the Budget in January and February, with the final decisions being made at Council on 20th February 2007.


It is recommended that the Committee inform the Executive of its views on the draft Revenue Estimates for the services within its remit.
Background Papers (DoF)

There are no background papers (as defined by Section 100D(5) of the Local Government Act 1972) relating to this report.


Name: Mr B Long Telephone: 01483 523253