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Meeting of the Executive held on 10/01/2006
Draft Local Authority Resolution


Draft Local Authority Resolution

That Waverley Borough Council

(i) expresses its concern at:

the decline of local services and facilities which affects local communities and in particular the elderly and people on the lowest incomes;
the resulting decline of local jobs and local economies and the resulting extra traffic and pollution caused by the need to travel further

(ii) and notes that this combination of factors increases people’s feelings of exclusion and lack of involvement; and so

(iii) supports measures to reverse this process and

(iv) supports the concept of local sustainability as envisaged in the Sustainable Communities Bill, namely;

the promotion of local economies
the promotion of local services and facilities
the protection of the environment
the reduction of social exclusion and
measures to increase involvement in the democratic process

(iv) and accordingly resolves to support the Sustainable Communities Bill which

requires the government to assist councils and communities in promoting local sustainability in ways decided by them; and
sets up a participative process whereby councils and communities can drive the way in which government uses its power and influence to assist with the promotion of local sustainability; and
notes that this Bill is therefore fully in accord with current thinking in local government in that it impacts on central authorities and does not impose any new duties on councils but instead enables them to influence how government uses its resources and influence to help councils and communities; and
specifically provides that where councils themselves decide to take action to promote local sustainability that they should be given the resources to do so; and so

(v) resolves to write to

local MPs, asking them to support the Bill; and sign EDM (Early Day Motion) No. 641; and
Local Works, the campaign behind the Bill, (at 94 White Lion St, London N1 9PF) expressing its support.