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Meeting of the Executive held on 07/02/2006
summary findings from the Sheltered Housing service

Summary & Purpose


The summary findings from the Sheltered Housing service review are as follows:-

1) While we accept that a proportion of your tenants are frail it is nonetheless not an admission requirement to be frail and the service is not intended for exclusively frail elderly people. (The Council would dispute this finding.) 2) The enhanced service being developed with Surrey adults and Community Care service in Falkner and Riverside Courts in Farnham could reasonably be considered as a service for frail elderly. This is a development that we fully support. We would view these two units as offering a priority strategically relevant service at a fair cost.

3) The weekly cost of the service is high compared to other similar sheltered housing providers although average compared to comparable extra care services.

4) Against the benchmark of other sheltered schemes for elderly with support needs, the cost of the service was at the higher end of the spectrum. The principle element of the cost of the service is clearly the cost of the staffing and the relatively high level of staffing in post. The question that is posed therefore is, is it necessary to have a 24 hour 7day a week live in presence in order to maintain the quality of the service?

5) Waverley’s sheltered housing is a quality service delivered in attractive buildings. There is a consistent demand for the service and the partnership arrangements to deliver extra care services in Farnham is supported by the local SP strategy.

6) The small number of stakeholders who responded reinforced the view that tenants are effectively supported. One senior care manager reported that admission was more difficult for those with higher needs although the service coped well with those whose needs increase during occupancy. (This view was based on a limited view of one scheme and one tenant.)

7) The service has introduced an excellent needs assessment and support planning process.

8) Efficiency savings may be achieved by reviewing the need for the comprehensive level of support. Further savings will be achieved by Waverley’s plan to reduce the capacity of the service where local demand in insufficient.

9) You are aware that there is a falling demand for traditional low level sheltered housing and that is the reason for your strategic plans to rationalise the sheltered housing capacity. The other question posed is whether there is over provision even given your current closure proposals. Do you still need 3 units ie Shepherds Court in Farnham operating 24 hours a day.

The Community Supporting people Service – Service Review Summary Findings

The summary findings from the Community Supporting People service review are as follows:-

1. Some remodelling of this service is required in order to target those who require support more effectively. 2. Satisfactory Performance Indicators received on staffing but the contract has been significantly exceeded.

3. The weekly cost is modest for a floating support service. The capacity is however, unnecessarily large and not sufficiently focused.

4. This is a service developed as an extension of the fixed alarm arrangement in the Borough’s housing for elderly tenants. Savings can be achieved by separating the two functions and targeting support on those in priority need while retaining alarms for all. Alarm testing could be separately funded.

5. The tenants appreciate the availability of the service as it offers a sense of security but some tenants recognise that it is not required at all times.

6. There was no stakeholder feedback which may suggest some lack of clarity with stakeholders about the role and effectiveness of this service. Our view is that remodelling this service could make substantial savings.
Surrey Supporting People Review conclusion

1. Taken as a whole we suggested a target figure for both the sheltered housing and the community supporting people service could produce savings of 25% on the current grant of around 772,000. This would be comparable to the savings achieved in other sheltered housing reviews in Surrey to date.

2. We do not wish to suggest specific solutions to and experienced and competent management team but would be happy to join in further discussion if you felt it would be helpful. We would wish to achieve these savings beginning the financial year 2006-2007. 3. Your support and co-operation in helping us to achieve these savings would be very much appreciated. As you know, the level of supporting people grant is very much under threat in future years and we are working very closely to try and ensure that funds are efficiently targeted at strategic priorities. This way we hope to continue to be able to target funding at those individuals who are most in need of support and to protect the long-term future of the supported housing sector.