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Waverley Borough Council Committee System - Committee Document

Meeting of the Executive held on 02/12/2003
Pilot Period


1. Pilot Period

Agreed to monitor six-month pilot period and hold a meeting once each Sub-Committee and Development Control Committee had met to consider issues arising and possible measures to change/improve.

Feedback questionnaires to be given to members of the public participating in the scheme for their comments on what worked well or could work better, as part of the monitoring process.
2. The Scheme

5 or more objection letters to trigger public speaking
Town or Parish Council only to speak once public speaking scheme has been triggered
Town or Parish Council to make clear when submit any written comments on an application who would be attending the meeting to speak
Explanatory leaflet for Town and Parish Councils only, to set out scheme and what is expected from them
Preferable that person speaking on behalf of Town or Parish Council is not also a Waverley member
First person to confirm their wish to speak to be appointed spokesperson and invited to coordinate other objectors. First person able to appoint a different objector to act as the spokesperson.
Leaflet and notification letter to set out clearly co-ordination process for objectors
3. Venues

Haslemere Town Hall no longer viable venue due to Disability Discrimination Act and therefore alternative required. The Head of Committee and Member Services had visited new Haslewey Centre in Haslemere and recommended it as appropriate alternative, although cost implications would be of concern.

In terms of public speaking, Haslemere and Farnham venues could potentially have problems due to lack of space, noise, number of members of public attending etc. Also possible problems with acoustics and presentation equipment.
Godalming Council Chamber identified as very suitable for public speaking scheme, particularly if introducing more advanced technology in terms of presentation facilities. Also beneficial that loop, microphones and traffic lights available.

Report to be submitted to Southern and Western Area Sub-Committees to obtain member views on future of their venues.
4. Other Issues

Timing Mechanism required for external venues
Projection of presentation materials onto two walls to enable all to see?
Officer Name Plates as well as Members? Perhaps different colour to member ones.
Allocated Seat/Plate for speaker
Report to be considered by the Development Control Committee on 29th October, then on to the Executive in December 2003.