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Meeting of the Executive held on 09/07/2002
East Street Regeneration Project Public Information Processes

East Street Regeneration Project
Public Information Processes

Summary and Purpose

This supplementary information is intended to give more detail on the proposed public information process. Resource implications are covered in the main report.

1. In the report at Appendix B, members are advised of the proposals for an exhibition to be held at the Bush Hotel Farnham exhibiting the East Street Regeneration Schemes submitted by Developers.

2. As explained in the report at this stage of the process, one of the key objectives of the exhibition is to provide an opportunity for the public to provide feedback on the Schemes so that any matters of clarification can be raised with those developers who have submitted bids.

3. Annexe 1 and 2 to this report set out the stages of consultation that has been undertaken (Stage 1) and information sharing/gathering which has or is proposed to be undertaken (Stage 2).

4. Stage 1 specifically relates to the consultation undertaken by the Council with the public and local representative bodies since November 1997. Outcomes from these consultations were fed into the Planning Brief which has formed an integral part of the Development Brief. Copies of extracts of the Development Brief, with confidential information extracted, were made available in the Farnham Locality Office and at the main Council Offices. They were also published on the Council’s website.

5. Stage 1 was an innovative approach and extremely important in that it both ensured that any scheme was ‘planning-led’, and removed as much uncertainty as possible about expectations and aspirations for its content and general approach.

6. Following the selection of the shortlist of developers in February 2002, a full Development Brief was issued to enable those on the short list to submit schemes by the 15th July 2002 deadline.

7. Stage 2 specifically relates to meetings which will provide the public and local representative bodies with every opportunity to raise concerns/issues and, at the continuing exhibition, to have the opportunity to be involved in and comment on the features of each development scheme. So, whereas the public or any body other than the Council will not be part of the decision-making and selection process, they will be able to comment on the detail which can form part of the Council’s considerations, and raise any issues or features which they find unclear, so that clarification can be provided at a later stage.

8. The information received from the Stage 2 process will be used by the Council constructively to assist its assessment of the submitted schemes. Regard will be had to the outcomes of the meetings/exhibitions at different stages in the ongoing process, initially starting with the Presentation Panel. This will enable the Panel, through the Chairman, to seek clarification from the Developers on any matters raised at the exhibition or other meetings.

9. It is also proposed to keep the public well informed through regular media briefings, and to this end the Council’s Communications Officer is working closely with the local press and has provided a programme of key dates which includes a press preview of the Schemes.

Members are asked to:
1. note the consultation undertaken under Stage 1 at Annexe 1, leading to the invitation to shortlisted developers to submit schemes; and
2. endorse the proposals for further public involvement through the information sharing/ gathering process, details of which are set out in Stage 2 of Annexe 1 to this report.


Annexe 1

East Street Regeneration Project
Timetable covering public consultation and information sharing / gathering

Stage 1 – preparing the guidelines for development

November 1997 - Urban Design workshop and Action Planning Open Days held in empty shop in Woolmead. All public comment assessed and used as basis for development options.

March 1999 - Open House on Draft Masterplan held in Sainsbury's premises in Cambridge Place. Feedback used in preparation of Planning Brief.

February 2000 - Planning Brief published.

July 2001 -participated in a joint exhibition with the County Council, held at the Maltings.

Stage 2 – Airing local concerns and priorities
2nd May 2002 - meeting held with local representative bodies specifically invited to inform them of the process to date and to enable them to raise their specific concerns. These were recorded and will be used to assist the Council’s assessment of submitted schemes.

11th July 2002 - forthcoming meeting with Residents Associations specifically invited to inform them of the process to date and to enable them to raise their specific concerns. These will be recorded and will be used to assist the Council’s assessment of submitted schemes.

9th – 11th August 2002 – Public exhibition to provide an opportunity to view the schemes submitted by the Developers as early as possible and comment on the detail of the development which will form part of the Councils considerations. A questionnaire will be available, the analysis of which will be undertaken by SSMR who will provide an independent overview of this input to the Council.

Stage 3 – The preferred option
To be advised