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Meeting of the Community Overview and Scrutiny Committee held on 03/03/2003
Work Programme



MARCH 2003

ItemStatusLead Officer
Review of Support Services for Members (including IT support and training, presentation facilities at public meetings, member car parking provision, accommodation and office facilities, members’ allowances and other facilities currently available to members).A planning application for the Council car park which includes provision for additional member car parking, has been submitted for consideration, in due course, by the Central Area Development Control Sub-Committee.Roger Standing
Implementing Electronic Government (IEG) for Customer ServicePresentation to all members of the Council took place prior to the Leisure O and S Committee on 28th October 2002Paul Wenham
Office Accommodation ReviewIt is anticipated that this matter will progress in the next Council Year (2003 –2004).Richard Wood

Cultural and Leisure Provision and Youth

ItemStatusLead Officer
Museum of FarnhamYear Two Fundamental Service Review. Received legal advice. Service Review Group considered a range of options. FSR final report was considered by the Executive in April 2002. Peter Maudsley
Sandy Hill Youth FacilityDiscussions continuing with Rushmoor Borough Council and PavilionRoger Standing
Godalming Leisure NeedsReport on agenda for March meeting, following meeting of the Special Interest Group on 26/02/03.Julie Maskery

ItemStatusLead Officer
Affordable Housing (including Key Workers)Ongoing. Further report to March meeting, following initial consideration by Environment O&S CommitteeJohn Swanton
Vulnerable TenantsMatter ongoing; report on Anti Social Behaviour Strategy to Member Tenants SIG in January. To March meeting for comments of O and S.David January/Louise Goodfellow
Community TransportWaverley Community Transport to be invited to attend a meeting of the Committee after one year of operation – Summer 2003.John Swanton
Comprehensive Spending ReviewReport on the implications to March meeting.David January
Day CentresReport on Day Centres to March meeting.David January
Work and role of the Surrey and Sussex Strategic Health AuthorityStrategic Health Authority invited to give presentation.John Swanton
Sponsored Organisations Scheme (Review of Remit) Report – early Summer.Louise Goodfellow
Promoting Social InclusionReport on this matter to March meetingJohn Swanton

Planning and Major Developments

ItemStatusLead Officer
Planning Code – OverviewThe Probity in Planning Sub-Committee and the Standards Committee are meeting the draft Planning Code of Conduct in early March. Sara Whitmarsh/Steve Thwaites/Anne Bott
Godalming Key SiteThe Council has now agreed the disposal of the Wharf Depot Site to Belvedere Smith (BS). Conditional contracts have been signed. BS is continuing to pursue the acquisition of other land holdings on the key site. BS is also talking to the PCT about the prospects for a Locality Care Centre in the area. The planning issues will be progressed through the Central Area Development Control Sub-Committee. Property issues are now complete – subsequently, after planning process could monitor the success of the development.Steve Thwaites (Roger Standing)
Implementation of Year 1 &Year 2 FSRsNext six month update due in Summer 2003Louise Goodfellow
Affordable Housing (also under Community O and S)A major report was presented to the Committee in November 2002. Officers are now carrying out further research into the issues raised at that meeting. A progress report will be presented to the meeting in March 2003.Daniel Hawes/Louise Goodfellow
Future of Dunsfold AirfieldA report was considered by the Executive on 14th January proposing that a SIG be established to oversee the preparation of planning policy for this site. In time, reports from the SIG will be considered by the Executive having been fed through the O and S Committee first, in its policy development role.Roger Standing/Steve Thwaites
TourismThe Executive is currently considering the resources available for this function as part of the Budget Process. A report will follow in the Spring on future activity.Iain Lynch
(Roger Standing)


Waste ManagementResults of Audit Commission Inspection received. Implementation of Phase 1 of the recycling rounds commenced on 21/10/02 with an enhanced collection service to 9000 households. A further 6,300 households began to receive this service on 20.01.03. The SIG has continued to meet and has been advised of the Council's success in being awarded a DEFRA grant to assist with the cost of collections in 2003/2004 and a SITA grant for the joint commissioning of a further Waste Awareness Campaign with Guildford Borough Council.
An update report is attached as exempt Appendix G
Martin Shorten/Louise Goodfellow
LA21 StrategyAnnual update and six month interim item on Action Plans was presented to this Committee in November. Next update to this Committee due in May.Su Gilfrin/Louise Goodfellow

Abandoned Vehicles The existing arrangements in the Year Two Fundamental Service Review of Waste Management, which has been reported to members. Scoping report covering abandoned vehicles and fridges was presented to meeting in May (one report covering both issues). Further discussions taking place with Surrey County Council officers about the possibility of developing joint working to reduce incidence, improve rate of removal and improve public perception.Martin Shorten
(Roger Standing)
Car ParkingConcessionary arrangements for residents to be investigated in a scoping report.Peter Maudsley (Louise Goodfellow)

Best Value and Strategies

Progress on Year 1 and Year 2 completed FSRs;

- Planning & Development
- Environmental Health
- Environmental Services
(Waste Management, Recycling, Environmental Cleaning & Public Conveniences)

Improvement Plans agreed by Council;
Planning, 17 July 2001
Environmental Health, 23 April 2002
Environmental Services, 23 April 2002

Most recent progress reports to this Committee;
Planning, 11 November 2002

Next updates due in Spring 2003.
John Anderson
Martin Shorten (Louise Goodfellow)

Review of Best Value:
Included within the Year 3 Fundamental Service Review programme.
The scope includes Best Value processes across the Council, although wider implications for performance management ensure a strong link with Comprehensive Performance Assessment (CPA), which is within the remit of the Leisure & Corporate O&S Committee. A co-ordinating panel is to meet to clarify requirements for reporting across Best Value/CPA. The views of the Committee will be reported to the Executive on the outcome. Anne Bott;
David January (Independent Chief Officer for the review)

(Louise Goodfellow & Roger Standing)
Community Planning/Strategy
    The Government is cutting back on plan and strategy requirements and is encouraging local authorities to subsume strategies into the developing Community Strategy.
    Waverley Borough Council currently has over fifty plans and strategies that set out the council's policy and strategy for delivering key council services.

    The Local Government Bill Draft Guidance on New Constitutions provides an opportunity to reduce to 14 the number of statutory and non-statutory plans and strategies that The Council must adopt. Some (such as the Annual Library Plan and Children’s Services Plan) do not apply to district councils and the draft guidance makes no reference to, for example, the Local Plan requirement.

    There is a need for The Council to review the number and range of its strategies, and the process of reduction will be an evolving process. Some key strategies, such as the Community Safety and Cultural Strategies, whilst linking into the Community Strategy, should stand alone and set out clear and detailed plans for service delivery.

    The number of strategies and plans will be reduced as part of the community planning process rather than best value, although it will impact ultimately on best value and CPA.

    Anne Bott