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Meeting of the Executive held on 22/05/2007
Chiddingfold Conservation Area Appraisal

Waverley Borough Council


[Ward Affected: Chiddingfold and Dunsfold]

Summary and purpose:

A Conservation Area Appraisal has been carried out for Chiddingfold and this report sets out the contents of the appraisal, its purpose and how it was produced. The Executive’s endorsement of the appraisal is sought, and on the basis of that endorsement, a public consultation will be carried out in June and July.

Environmental implications:

The principle purpose of this appraisal has been to aid the protection and conservation of this historic settlement.

Social / community implications:

The appraisal has been supported by the local community. There will also be further public consultation.

E-Government implications:

There are no direct implications for E-Government.

Resource and legal implications:

The appraisal has been carried out in partnership with the local community, the Parish Council, and the County Council. The Borough Council will be contributing funding towards the consequent enhancement work, as will the Parish Council and the County Council.


1. In 2002, the Borough Council agreed a programme of Conservation Area Appraisals for the Borough. The timetable for the work was prioritised using a scoring system, so that the conservation areas with the most problems, such as traffic or pressure for development would be done first. Consequently, the first three to be carried out have been Wrecclesham, Bramley and Farnham. The next one on the list was Chiddingfold, and work began in July 2006.


2. In February 2006, English Heritage produced two documents providing guidance to organisations doing appraisals: “Guidance on Conservation Area Appraisals” and “Guidance on the Management of Conservation Area”. These documents have been used to produce the Conservation Area Appraisal for Chiddingfold.
The Approach

3. The approach adopted has been the same for Chiddingfold as for the other appraisals. It is very important that the community should take an active part in carrying out surveys and writing chapters of the document and not just be consulted on the document, after it has been written by the Borough Council. A team of local people in Chiddingfold, referred to as the Chiddingfold Conservation Area Appraisal Group, worked closely with the Borough Council and produced the appraisal. The chapters on historical development, the character studies, and the transport chapter have been written by members of the Group.

The Appraisal

4. The topics covered for the appraisal have been chosen from the guidance documents referred produced by English Heritage. The appraisal, attached as Annexe 1, begins with the Summary, Introduction and Aim and Objectives. There follows a consideration of the setting and the position on the conservation area boundaries and then the historical development of Chiddingfold. There are nine character studies that also look at the existing conservation area boundaries. The next chapters cover transportation, development, land uses, trees and hedges, protecting historic buildings, heritage features, enhancement, funding and the way forward. The last chapter on the way forward deals with implementation of the appraisal, and with the enhancement and funding chapters, forms the Management Plan.

Proposed changes to the Conservation Area Boundaries

5 The surveyors in the Group who carried out the character studies were commissioned to consider the existing boundaries of the conservation areas, to see if any extensions to the boundary would be appropriate. Plan A shows the areas the Group is proposing. An officer assessment has been made of the proposals. The table sets out the outcome, and the following paragraph explains the reasons.

No on planExtension proposed by the GroupOfficer assessment
1aNorthbridge House, NorthbridgeNot supported
1 Ethel Cottage, NorthbridgePartly supported
2Granthams Chiddingfold Supported
3 North of Cricket GroundSupported
4 Sadlers, east of the Cricket GroundSupported
5Crabhams, Pockford LaneNot supported
6Oaklands Park, Pickhurst RoadNot supported
7 Nuthurst, Pickhurst RoadNot supported

6. The proposed areas, which are not supported at this stage, are those which comprise open spaces or are a large house separated from the built-up area on the periphery of the existing conservation area. The open spaces are protected by the Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty and by the Green Belt and Conservation Area designation would not add any additional protection to this agricultural land. The large houses: Northbridge House, Crabhams and Nuthurst are largely hidden from the road and do not make any significant visual contribution to the character of the conservation area. They are separated from the Conservation Area by open space and trees. However, all the houses are of local interest and could be added to the Local List of buildings of architectural or historic interest.

7. Although some of the areas proposed as extensions are not supported at this stage, it is intended that they will all be included in the consultation document, to give the local residents an opportunity to comment.


8. The Borough Council has allocated 15,000 in 2007/2008 for enhancement work in Chiddingfold that has been identified in the appraisal. The County Council is intending to allocate funding towards the improvement of junctions around the Green and the Parish Council is also intending to contribute towards the projects.

The Next Step

9. The Executive is asked to agree the draft appraisal as a basis for public consultation, which will take place in June and July. The responses received from local people will be considered by the Group and the officers and then the document will return to the Executive with suggested amendments. At the same time, work is underway to produce an overarching Conservation Area Supplementary Planning Document (SPD), and the Chiddingfold appraisal will be incorporated into the SPD.


10. Work on the appraisal has been supported by local residents and the Group has worked hard to produce the document. The appraisal is a very comprehensive assessment of the character of the Conservation Area and will provide a very useful document for decision makers.


It is recommended that the Executive agree the draft Chiddingfold Conservation Area Appraisal as a basis for public consultation.

Background Papers (DPD)

There are no background papers (as defined by Section 100D(5) of the Local Government Act 1972) relating to this report.


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E-mail: gmolony@waverley.gov.uk