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Meeting of the Community Overview and Scrutiny Committee held on 10/09/2002
Draft Corporate Aims and Objectives : 2002 and Forward


Draft Corporate Aims and Objectives; 2002 and forward

Be accountableHave open, ethical and effective democratic and consultative processes1
Present key performance and financial information in a clear and engaging way 2
Ensure Equal Opportunities in every aspect of Council activity3
Manage the Council’s resources wiselyEnsure prudent and sound financial management and control the level of Waverley Borough Council’s Council Tax4
Focus resources on what matter most to our residents5
Get maximum benefit from management of the Council’s assets6
Achieve Investors in People (IIP) accreditation7
Good quality local housingEnable more affordable housing 8
Maintain and improve Waverley’s social housing stock9
Provide effective and efficient support to tenants 10
Support the homeless11
Enhance the quality of lifeImprove the opportunities for young people 12
Reduce the fear of crime13
Support activities which enable older people to live their lives to the full14
Improve cultural and leisure facilities for all15
An attractive, sustainable environmentRetain the special character of the countryside, towns and villages in Waverley16
Provide an effective and efficient refuse collection service17
Minimise waste and use of natural resources; increase recycling and home composting18
Enhance and safeguard the use of land and the built and natural environment by controlling and influencing development in accordance with the Development Plan and in the interests of Waverley’s community19
Protect public health and safety20
Improve parks and play areas21
A strong local business sector Work with the business sector to maintain the level of business activity in towns and villages22
Support local shops and services 23

Update: 1 July 2002