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Meeting of the Executive held on 22/05/2007
Playground Replacement Programme

Waverley Borough Council


[Wards Affected: All]

Summary and purpose

In 2006 the Council embarked upon a major replacement and refurbishment programme of many of its play areas across the Borough. Whilst officers have made significant progress in letting many contracts for new facilities, the implementation and monitoring of this work now requires major time and expertise to ensure that the works are carried out on time, in budget and to the right standard. Officers are seeking approval to contract the project management of the implementation of the remaining programme.

Environmental implications:

Many of the play areas are in need of refurbishment and this programme will help to improve the environmental appearance of the sites identified.

Social / community implications:

Play areas are valued facilities within our communities. Free and accessible to all, they contribute to providing children with safe and healthy activities. Children need the opportunity to develop their physical skills through play and challenging play facilities, which are well equipped and safe.

E-Government implications:

There are no e-government implications arising directly from this report.

Resource and legal implications:

The Council has allocated a total capital budget of 942,000 (382,000 in 2006/07 and 560,000 in 2007/08) to undertake the replacement programme. To date the Council has spent and committed in the region of 440,000. As play equipment gets older it becomes more difficult and costly to repair, this programme of upgrades will help reduce the on-going revenue costs for repairs.

Glendale has quoted fees of 10% of the capital costs, the estimated value of this contract is anticipated to be approximately 50,000 based on the remaining capital programme. An allowance for professional fees has been included in the play programme capital budget and is sufficient to cover the project management fees.


1. To date, the Council has procured the replacement and refurbishment of 13 play areas at a value of approximately 440,000. Whilst all of the year 1 schemes have now been tendered, there have been delays in the implementation. The programme is extensive and requires a significant amount of management in relation to consultation with local users, preparing specifications, tendering the contracts, evaluating the tenders and overseeing the implementation and installation of each scheme. The Council has to date employed the services of a part-time project manager, however given the amount of work involved it is evident that additional project management is required to manage the scale of the programme to meet the agreed timetable. Glendale has the capacity to meet this requirement and manage the overall programme in place of the current part time project manager.

2. Given the importance of rolling out the remaining programme within this financial year, officers are recommending that the Council employ the services of Glendale Services Ltd to take on the lead for project managing the implementation of the remaining programme. Glendale has the necessary experience, knowledge and capacity to roll out the whole of the remaining programme. This contract will include inviting tenders for the work on Waverley’s behalf and this will be done in accordance with the Council’s Contract Procedure Rules.

3. The benefits of contracting Glendale to undertake the project management of the programme are as follows:

Glendale has direct experience of project managing large-scale playground replacement programmes (e.g. London Borough of Lewisham). They employ a dedicated team through the regional office which would be responsible for implementing this work; Glendale has the necessary manpower and resources to deliver a programme of this scale within the timescales required; Glendale is the Council’s current grounds maintenance contractor and therefore has a physical presence and a sound knowledge and understanding of the play areas included in the play programme; Glendale are responsible under the grounds maintenance contract for the repairs and maintenance of the play areas therefore has knowledge of the equipment and can make informed decisions about which elements can be retained or repaired; and Glendale is a national company and regularly procures playground installation and refurbishment schemes on behalf of clients. As a result, Glendale can benefit from greater supplier discounts than the Council could secure when tendering design and build contracts. Waverley will therefore benefit from any discounts arising from Glendale tendering the contracts and this will enable the Council to secure greater play value within the schemes.


4. Waverley’s Contract Procedure Rules (CPR’s) would normally require 3 quotations to be sought for a contract of this value (CPR A108 - for contracts valued between 11,500 and 56,600). In light of the particular circumstances, including the pressing timescale associated with the implementation of this programme and the benefits to the Council that would be gained by using the services of Glendale, it is proposed that Contract Procedure Rules are waived in accordance with CPR W101 to allow the contract for the external management of the project to be awarded to Glendale Services Ltd.


It is recommended that the Executive: 1. approves the waiver of Contract Procedure Rule A108 to enable the appointment of Glendale Services Ltd to provide the lead management support for the implementation of the Playground Replacement Programme; and 2. authorises the Director of Environment and Leisure, in conjunction with the Director of Finance and Solicitor to the Council, to negotiate contract terms and enter into an agreement to engage Glendale to perform this contract.

Background Papers (DoEL)

There are no background papers (as defined by Section 100D(5) of the Local Government Act 1972) relating to this report.


Name: Julie Maskery Telephone: 01483 523432

E-mail: jmaskery@waverley.gov.uk