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Meeting of the Executive held on 11/10/2005
Outcome of Town and Parish Councils Consultation

Outcome of Town and Parish Councils Consultation

Cranleigh Parish Council

On 8th September 2005 a meeting was held with members of the Council and the clerk to the Council, it was agreed that the meeting:

Was in favour of restructuring the service as shown
Felt that access to electronic information would be helpful providing that it was supported by face to face advice
Considered that there should be supervisors rather than managers at each outlet
Supported the concept of an overall manager
Felt that travel between the outlets would be difficult for clients and for volunteer advisers

It was also suggested that:

The CAB service overall considers whether clients gaining substantial awards as a result of advice given be required to donate an agreed percentage to CAB funds
Citizens Advice reviews its charges to member CABx and considers whether they represent value for money.

Haslemere Town Council

On 7th September 2005 a meeting was held with the Town Clerk at which the following points were made:

Restructuring the service would be beneficial
A very small revenue budget was available for grants
No further revenue funding was available for the CAB
CABx should consider charging for services
Cost savings could be made if one set of premises was closed
The CAB was not always perceived as being welcoming
Access to CAB services, in one form or another, should still be available in Haslemere
The Haslemere service could be replaced with an outreach facility operating from the Town Hall
There was a wealthy local population that may be prepared to support the CAB
There was a strong volunteering ethos locally

Farnham Town Council

On 15th September 2005 a meeting was held with the Town Clerk and the Assistant Town Clerk who felt that although the members of the Council would probably be supportive of the proposed structure they would wish to ensure that:

Services should continue to be delivered locally
Farnham Town Council did not subsidise services in other towns
Value was added
The service was not reduced

Godalming Town Council

On the 22nd September 2005 at a meeting of the Policy and Resources Committee it was agreed that although the introduction of a new structure was likely to be inevitable it would only be supported if:

A full service was maintained in Godalming
The structure was acceptable to the existing management
The volunteer contribution was preserved
The council’s funding was used in a fair and equitable manner
Services, including mobile advice, were deployed imaginatively