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Meeting of the Executive held on 06/12/2005
Kilnfields - Haslemere

Summary & Purpose
The purpose of this report is to update Members on the progress of this project and to report on what has been achieved since the last submission to the Executive in May 2005 of this year.

Waverley Borough Council

EXECUTIVE - 6th december 2005


Kilnfields - Haslemere
[Wards Affected: Haslemere East and Grayswood]

Note pursuant to Section 100B(5) of the Local Government Act 1972

An annexe to this report contains exempt information by virtue of which the public is likely to be excluded during the item to which the report relates, as specified in those paragraphs of Part I of Schedule 12A to the Local Government Act 1972, indicated:-

Summary and purpose:

The purpose of this report is to update Members on the progress of this project and to report on what has been achieved since the last submission to the Executive in May 2005 of this year.


Environmental implications:

There are no environmental implications in this report.

Social / community implications:

The project is producing a significant increase in housing provision in the form of a mixed redevelopment in the site together with improved recreational facilities.

E-Government implications:

There are no e government implications in this report

Resource and legal implications

The current projected financial position on the Kilnfields project is set out in (Exempt) Annexe 1



1. Members will recall that preparation for the Kilnfields project began in 1999 with commencement of a three phase building programme in January 2003. The original 36 Council owned houses were identified as requiring extensive refurbishment and repair work and it was agreed that this provided an opportunity for a wholesale redevelopment of the estate. This resulted in a significant increase to the housing provision on the site and enabled the rebuilding and landscaping of adjacent leisure facilities.

2. The original estate of 44 units was demolished and the following new numbers were proposed for construction: -

36 units for Council owned rental in two phases 20 units for open market sale
A reshaped and resurfaced football pitch and children’s play area.
3. The contractor selected was Lovell partnerships, working under a Guaranteed Maximum Price partnership contract.

Progress since April 2005

4. Work to all Waverley Borough Council’s rented properties is now complete and all the tenants who wished to remain on the estate have been rehoused in the new properties. All of the owner-occupiers on the site have now been resettled. The remaining infrastructure work is currently underway and it is expected that the road surface finishes and new street lighting will be completed shortly.

5. The final account has yet to be prepared and therefore all payments have not yet been made

6. The Thames Valley scheme is now 80% complete with the four remaining units due for completion before Christmas. All of the new shared owners have been nominated to Thames Valley Housing Association (TVHA) from Waverly’s Housing Shared ownership register, and all the properties that have been completed are occupied.

7. All land transfers are now complete and all the negotiated receipts have been received by Waverley Borough Council.

8. The work to the units to be built for sale by Lovell (phase 3) is now underway and it is expected that the first properties will be completed in February 2006.

9. All of the new properties have been specified and built to The Eco Homes ‘very good’ standard.

10. In 2004 officers were asked to organise an initiative to promote sustainable building techniques and measures that could be taken to reduce CO2 emissions.

11. The Executive on 25th May 2004 agreed that as part of that initiative two of the Waverley houses for rent should be built to Eco Homes ‘Excellent’ standard, and a public exhibition mounted at these properties to promote sustainability

12. The exhibition, which was manned jointly by volunteer staff from both Waverley and Lovell, was held for 6 weeks during June and July 2005 and attracted 175 individual visitors and several groups. 13. The purpose of the exhibition was to highlight, display and explain the concept of sustainability both in the construction of homes and choices that can be made in the use of everyday objects. The concept included a range of demonstrations from the installation of solar collectors installed on the roof to supplement hot water, to the choice of washing liquid in the kitchen. Visitors expressed positive comments of the aims and execution of the project.

14. The two ‘Excellent’ eco homes are now occupied, and together with an older selected property their energy use is being monitored for future information and comparisons.
Financial Implications

15. The redevelopment scheme has been financed from housing capital receipts, predominately those raised from land sales specifically associated with the overall scheme. It is anticipated that the final net cost will be in the region of 2.8 m, in line with the preliminary financial model submitted to the executive on the 16th February 2001.

16. For this sum the Council has reprovided 36 units for rent along with the additional housing and improved community facilities as outlined in paragraph 2 above.
17. The costs of mounting and staffing the exhibition are shown in Annexe 2. 18. The Executive in May 2004 recognised that additional capital costs were required to achieve an Excellent rating and all these costs are included in the overall HRA Capital programme provision. The actual costs for the items required to achieve Eco homes excellent standard are set out in Annexe 2. 19. The period of the exhibition resulted in these properties being unoccupied, however the forgone rent income is within the overall void allowance of HRA total rent income of 20 million, it is also shown at Annexe 2


20. The Kilnfields project is now reaching its conclusion, and the existing residents have now all been relocated into their new homes as was originally intended at the commencement of the project in 1999.

21. All of the land transfers have been finalised and there should be no further foreseeable reasons for delays to the final completion of the entire scheme by late summer 2006.


It is recommended that the report be noted and officers report further on occupancy issues and energy costs after one year of occupation of the Excellent rated Eco Homes.


Background Papers (DoH)

There are no background papers (as defined by Section 100D(5) of the Local Government Act 1972) relating to this report.



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E-mail: dsimmons@waverley.gov.uk