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Meeting of the Development Control Committee held on 28/01/2003

Southern 29



PART I - Reports containing recommendations for decision by the Committee


Your Sub-Committee has considered applications for planning permission as listed in the agenda for its meetings on 11th December 2002 and 22nd January 2003 and has dealt with these in accordance with the approved Scheme of Delegation. The following application is referred to the Development Control Committee for consideration.

Knowles Brothers
Erection of nine new dwellings with associated garages and parking following the demolition of existing buildings (revision of WA02/0691) on land at Hindhead Working Men’s Club, Grove Road, Hindhead
Grid Reference:E: 487253 N: 136823
Development Plan:No site specific policy
Highway Authority:Recommend conditions
Drainage Authority:No requirements
Town Council:Object - Application is contrary to Policy H4, density and size of dwellings and exceeds the recommendations of PPG3 in respect of its location. Recommend that this site be developed at not more than 30 dwellings to the hectare.
      6 letters of objection on the following grounds:-
1. too many dwellings on the site
2. inadequate parking
3. traffic congestion
4. local services are inadequate for new houses
5. too many small dwellings are being built
6. overlooking
      7. fewer houses would be much better for the area and the people who live there

Relevant History

WA02/0691Erection of nine dwellings with associated garages and parking

Description of Site/Background

Hindhead Working Men’s Club is located on the south side of Grove Road. To the east lies a terrace of two storey cottages and to the west there is a bungalow. There is also a row of bungalows to the south, which are accessed via a narrow drive from Grove Road. The site has an area of 0.19 ha.

The Club building is of a single storey. It is a long narrow building and is set on the eastern side of the site, to one side of an extensive hard surfaced car park. It has been closed since 2001. The site is well screened by substantial evergreen hedging.

Members will note that planning permission was refused last year for the reason that no provision had been made for affordable housing in accordance with Policy H5 of the Waverley Borough Local Plan 2002.

The Proposal

It is proposed to demolish the club building of approx. 450 square metres and to replace it with a small residential development of nine two bed dwellings, comprising a terrace of three 2-bedroom houses across the front of the site, two pairs of two semi-detached dwellings, along the back of the site, and centrally on the site, a further pair of 2-bed semis. Four single garages would be provided in two blocks, with parking spaces in front and a single garage would be erected on the western end of block C. These would serve the dwellings in blocks B and C, and the centre dwelling in block A. The two end dwellings in block A and the flats in block D would each have one parking space. There is also space within the site for visitor parking.

It is proposed that the pair of semi-detached dwellings in the southwest corner of the site would be made available for social housing.

Submissions in Support

The existing building is unattractive and unsuitable for any other purpose.

Suitable provision is made for affordable housing.

Relevant Policies

The proposal is located within the developed area of Hindhead, where the principle of redevelopment is considered acceptable and should be considered in the light of Policy PE10 of the Surrey Structure Plan 1994, Policy SE6 of the Surrey Structure Plan Deposit Draft 2001 and Policies D1 and D4 of the Waverley Borough Local Plan 2002. Policy H4 and H5 are also relevant. The proposal would result in the loss of a community facility and should also be tested against Policy CF1 of the adopted Local Plan.

Main Planning Issues

Having set Policies CF1 and LT2 aside, then the issues of mix and density and the provision of affordable housing should be addressed. Finally, the impact of the development on the character of the area and the amenities of neighbouring dwellings should be considered.

It is considered that a residential use could be acceptable on this site and the proposed development should be tested against policy H4 and H5. The proposal would meet the requirements of Policy H4 in terms of mix, as all the dwellings are of 2 bedrooms. In density terms, the proposal would have a density of 47 dph, which accords with the recommended guidelines set out in the policy and PPG3.

Affordable housing would be required on this site. Beacon Hill is treated as a separate settlement and has a population under 3000. Therefore the lower threshold of 0.2 hectares or a net increase of five dwellings or more applies. The requirement for a development of this size with a density in excess of 40 dph would be 25% or 2.25 dwellings. It is proposed to provide 2 dwellings, which is considered to be acceptable, having regard to the fact that all the dwellings proposed on the site are small.

In respect of the amenity and design issues, it is considered that there would be no material impact on neighbouring dwellings. Both block C and block D at the rear of the site have been positioned so as to provide gardens with depths of between 6 and 9 metres between their rear walls and the substantial hedge to the south. The hedge provides adequate screening to the dwellings beyond. Block B sits some 7.5 metres from the boundary with Erica Cottages to the east. It is not considered that this would appear overdominant. In addition, the windows to the first floor in this block are recessed and would be set over 10 metres from the boundary. Therefore it is not felt that there would be any material overlooking from these windows into the rear gardens of Erica Cottages.

The terrace of dwellings along the front of the site are to be built to the same building line as Erica Cottages. There would be a gap of 4.6 metres from the flank wall of no. 6 Erica Cottages to the two-storey elevation of the new building, with a gap of 1.6 metres to the flank wall of the proposed single storey wing. Within the flank wall of no. 6, there are a gable window serving a bedroom within the roof space, a small bathroom window at first floor level and another window to the ground floor. However, whilst there may be some loss of outlook from no.6, it is not considered that there would be a significant adverse impact from loss of light; nor would the proposed building A appear overly dominant.

The officers consider that the development would fit well on the site and would reflect the character of the area, which, at this end of Grove Road, is typified by a mix of smaller dwellings.

Finally, the comments of neighbours regarding the levels of traffic likely to be generated by the proposed development are noted, but it is not considered that there would be any material increase in traffic movements compared to the potential movements were the club to be re-opened. With regard to the issue of parking, it is the opinion of the officers that the allocation is adequate and complies with the local plan. It should also be noted that the existence of a covenant on the site is not a planning issue and is a matter for private resolution.


The officers consider that the application site is one where residential development would be acceptable and the proposal would provide an appropriate form of development, providing small homes of which there is a shortage within the Borough.

Accordingly, in the officers’ recommendation to your Sub-Committee was that, subject to


Consideration by the Sub-Committee

Your Sub-Committee, however, did not agree.
1. The proposed development comprises an undesirable overdevelopment of the site at an inappropriate density, out of keeping with and detrimental to the character and appearance of the area, in conflict with Policy PE10 of the Surrey Structure Plan 1994, Policy SE4 of the Surrey Structure Replacement Plan (Deposit Draft) 2002 and Policy D1 and D4 of the Waverley Borough Local Plan 2002.

PART II – Matters reported in detail for the information of the Committee

There are no matters falling within this category.

PART III – Brief summaries of other matter dealt with

Background Papers

The background papers relating to the following report items are as specified in the agenda for the meeting of the Southern Area Development Control Sub-Committee.


B.1 Appeals Lodged
B.2 Appeal Decisions
B.3 Inquiry Arrangements

Your Sub-Committee has noted information on public inquiry arrangements for its planning appeals.


C.1 Situation Report

Your Sub-Committee has noted reports on the current situation regarding enforcement and related action previously authorised.

C.2 Enforcement – Chiddingfold

Your Sub-Committee has deferred consideration of this matter so that further information can be obtained.

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