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Meeting of the Executive held on 19/02/2008
Notification for the Special Executive - 19th February 2008

Robin Pellow
Head of Democratic Services
Fax No: 01483-523475
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When calling please ask for: Emma McQuillan
Direct line: 01483 523351
E-mail: emcquillan@waverley.gov.uk
Date: 15th February 2008

To: Members of the EXECUTIVE

Dear Councillor


With regard to the agenda for the meeting of the Special Executive which is due to take place on 19th February, it is now necessary to include an additional item as urgent business. Agreement of the Leader of the Council has been sought for the inclusion of an item relating to the Pay Award 2008 on the agenda.

The report is attached herewith along with revised agenda pages, and circulated to all councillors as the matter will be considered at the Council meeting that follows immediately after the Special Executive.

Yours sincerely

Emma McQuillan
Democratic Services Manager