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Meeting of the Council held on 16/10/2007
Explanation of Landowner Sanction



Under Clause 5:1 of the conditional contract dated 22nd April 2003, the developer Crest Nicholson Sainsburys (CNS) is required to submit development plans indicating proposals for the scheme; in particular the required elements which have to be approved by the Council before the developer submits a planning application.

For the sake of clarity, the Masterplan should be seen as a framework which establishes the building blocks and the relationship of spaces, the broad mix of uses and, in turn, a broad quantum of activity. It is not detailed architecture, nor a detailed study of traffic movement. Neither is it an assessment of environmental impact. All of these will form part of the formal planning process.

The requirement for the grant of Landowner approval to a Masterplan arises solely as a result of the Council's contractual obligations and in no way detracts from Council's ability to consider subsequent associated planning applications. Indeed Waverley, as Planning Authority, will continue to have the duty to give full consideration to all associated applications and to arrive at its decisions having regard to the Development Plan and all material considerations.

Should the Council decide to grant Landowner Sanction as outlined above, the developer will proceed to submit planning applications for this development together with all associated detail.

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