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Meeting of the Community Overview and Scrutiny Committee held on 13/11/2006


[Wards Affected: All]

Summary and purpose:

At the last meeting of the Committee it was agreed that an in-depth review should be carried out into the potential changing role for Day Centre services over the next 10 years. The purpose of this report is to establish the parameters for the review. It is proposed that the Community Overview and Scrutiny Committee leads on the review and involves Members of the other Scrutiny Committees.


Environmental implications

The operation of day centre services has an environmental impact in terms of property management and associated transport implications.

Social / community implications:

There is a growing population of people over retirement age, many of whom are living better and healthier lives with greater aspirations and expectations than ever before. One of the challenges facing traditional “day centre” service providers is to determine how the needs of active older people can be met, whilst taking account of the needs of very frail, older people who need high levels of care and support to help them retain their independence and dignity.

E-Government implications:

There are no direct e-Government implications arising from this report.

Resource and legal implications:

There are no direct resource and legal implications associated with this report other than the officer time involved in the review. _________________________________________________________________________


1. In most counties, unitary and metropolitan districts in England, the provision of services for older people is the responsibility of the Social Service Department of the County Councils. 2. In Surrey, since 1978, this has not been the case and the Borough and District Councils directly manage the majority of day centres. In a few cases, voluntary groups are grant-aided by local authorities to fund day centre activity. Although there are marked differences in philosophy and approach to day centre funding between the various Boroughs and Districts.

3. In Waverley there are six major day centres providing services for older people viz:-

Brightwells Gostrey Centre, Farnham

Cranleigh Day Centre

The Denningberg Centre, Godalming

Farncombe Day Centre

Haslemere Day Centre

Milford and Villages Day Centre

4. The Denningberg Centre has always operated independently of the Council and has not sought revenue or capital funding from the Council in the last decade and so will not be covered by this review. The other five day centres have been termed the “core day centres” which the Council, as a matter of policy, would wish to support on an on-going basis and all five have been admitted to the Sponsored Organisation Scheme (SOS).

5. Unlike most local authorities in Surrey, in Waverley, the five core day centres are not directly managed by the Council but managed by voluntary groups with Waverley providing a revenue grant of c 43,000 per annum to each of these centres. Historically, there have been some differences in the level of service provision between the various centres, reflecting both the geographical area and development of the individual groups. All of the five core day centres have dedicated property from which to operate and all have the facilities and opportunity to open at least five days a week. 6. In the Waverley context, funding for day centres comes from this Council and the day centre committees secure additional income through fees and charges, grants from charitable trusts and other fund-raising events. Some other centres in Surrey benefit from contributions from the County Council for clients in “critical or substantial need”, but for historic reasons the Waverley centres do not receive funding in this way. The Centres do however receive grants from the Waverley Voluntary Grants Partnership to provide some care services.

Scope of the review

7. It is proposed that the review of Waverley’s day centres should examine and focus on addressing the following key questions: I. How, if at all, should Waverley Borough Council support “day centre” services? II. What alternative approaches are there for supporting older people?

III. In light of the demographic changes in the older population, the cultural changes that have occurred in the post-war era and the changing attitudes to public services and customer expectations, what segment of the ‘older people’ market should we be trying to serve? IV. Does the Council want to support specialist day centres providing care for frail older people, or target its resources on promoting good health and well-being amongst the growing population of active older people?

V. What opportunities, in conjunction with Surrey County Council, could there be for service provision within day centres for frail older people, or those designated as being in critical or substantial need?

VI. What alternative approaches to providing community based services for older people have been successfully adopted by other authorities?

VII. What is the condition of the day centre premises and are they fit for purpose?

VIII. What are the views of the day centre committees on the future for day centre services?

IX. Should the Council have a strategy for the development of community based services over the next 10 years?

X. If the Council decides to continue to support these centres, what conditions will be placed on the Council’s Sponsored Organisation Scheme grant to ensure the five organisations are part of the strategy and embrace the vision?

The review process

8. This review presents an opportunity to consider the future direction and strategy for day centre services over the next 10 years. To assist with the process members may consider that some of the detailed work required would be best undertaken by a Sub-Committee and that for this review it might be appropriate to invite two or three outside representatives with relevant specialist backgrounds to become co-opted members of this Sub-Committee.

9. It is proposed that Member visits be arranged to facilities provided by other authorities, particularly where imaginative approaches to community based services are in place. It is also suggested that the review would benefit from the views of service users and, equally importantly, non-users of services and that this could be achieved by conducting a series of focus group sessions. The suggested process and an outline timetable are set out below:

December 2006 / January 2007

i) Establish Day Centres Review Sub-Committee to include co-opted members ii) Gather evidence of schemes operated by other authorities.

iii) Arrange member visits to centres in other authorities or equivalent facilities.

iv) Progress report to Community Overview and Scrutiny Committee.

February / June 2007 v) Select Committee meeting with representatives from Day Centre Management Committees. vi) Progress report to Community Overview and Scrutiny Committee to include feedback from member visits.

vii) Meetings of user and non-user focus groups.

July / October 2007

viii) Oral hearing at September meeting of the Committee in Select Committee mode to receive evidence from for example Surrey County Council, Day Centre Committee representatives and other providers of community based services. ix) Evidence collected to be assembled and circulated to members of the Committee. x) Consideration of the Committee’s draft final report.


It is recommended that:
1. the Committee consider the scope of the in-depth review into day centres and agree the key questions to be addressed by the review,

2. a Sub-Committee be established including co-opted members to undertake the detailed work and gathering of evidence, and;

3. the review be conducted in accordance with the outline timetable set out above.

Background Papers (HCMS)

There are no background papers (as defined by Section 100D(5) of the Local Government Act 1972) relating to this report.


Name: Roger Standing Telephone: 01483 523221

E-mail: rstanding@waverley.gov.uk