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Meeting of the Environment and Leisure Overview and Scrutiny Committee held on 13/09/2005
Community Partnerships Fund - Application Process, Criteria and Timetable for 2006/07

Summary & Purpose
The report reviews the Community Partnerships Fund and makes recommendations for the grant process, criteria and timetable for 2006/07 applications.

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Summary and purpose:

The report reviews the Community Partnerships Fund and makes recommendations for the grant process, criteria and timetable for 2006/07 applications.


Quality of life implications – social, environmental & economic (sustainable development):

1. The Community Partnerships Fund (previously the Matched-Funding Provision) provides direct benefits to residents & community groups in Waverley by supporting the improvement of local services and facilities. The fund provides over 75% leverage of external funding for both Community and Council led initiatives. The proposals for the next bidding round for projects to be implemented in 2006/07 will ensure that the funding continues to meet the needs of the council and its local communities.

E-Government implications:

2. There are no direct E-Government implications arising from this report. Community Partnerships Fund application forms and guidance notes are available on Waverley’s website and by email.

Resource and legal implications:

3. With interest income and some schemes no longer progressing it would be possible to allocate 300,000 for a Community Partnerships Fund scheme in 2006/07. Assuming members wish to continue with the scheme, the Community Partnerships Fund allocation for 2005/06 could be allocated as follows:

q Main Grants – it is proposed that 260,000 is allocated to the main bidding round for projects with total project costs of over 15,000, including the community Buildings Grants Schemes (total project costs over 10,000). q Small Grants Scheme – it is proposed that 40,000 is awarded during the 2006/07 year with delegated authority to the Finance director in consultation with portfolio holders


4. Waverley’s Matched-Funding Provision was established in 1998 with the aim of ‘maximising the opportunities for generating funds from external sources both by proactively seeking partnerships from outside organisations and by reacting to requests from outside bodies’. The scheme aims and principles are detailed in Annexe 1. The fund provides grants for capital or project costs. Revenue funding is awarded under the Sponsored Organisation Scheme.

5. Over the seven years, the scheme has successfully funded a wide range of community and Council initiatives and attracted a leverage of over 75% funding from external sources.

6. The Community Partnerships Fund includes two grant programmes:

a) Small Grants Scheme
b) Main Bidding Round

7. The Community Partnerships Fund is monitored & reviewed each year to ensure that the scheme meets the council’s priorities and the needs of the local community and to ensure that the scheme continually improves. 8. The proposed grant criteria, eligibility, assessment process and timetable for awarding grants for 2006/07 are detailed below. Eligibility and Grant Criteria

9. Applications are thoroughly assessed and scored according to their eligibility and the degree to which they meet the grant criteria. 10. The proposed grant criteria and eligibility for the Community Partnerships Fund in 2006/07 are detailed in the application guidance notes attached at Annexe 2. 11. The key proposed changes for 2006/07 are highlighted in bold in the attached guidance notes and include the following: q 2006/07 Priority
q Financial Reserves
q Assessments
Local Strategic Partnership 12. As part of the assessment process, it is proposed that the Local Strategic Partnership consider the applications and provide feedback and comments. In particular, how each of the applications link into and support the Waverley Community Strategy and its actions and priorities.


13. The proposed timetable for applications to the main bidding round is shown at Annexe 3. Applications for smaller projects (with total costs of 15,000 or under) can apply at anytime. For larger projects, it is proposed to open the bidding round from 12th October 2005 with a closing date for applications at 5 pm on Monday 16th January 2006. The time allocated will enable the Council to promote the scheme and provide time for applicants to prepare their bids. To assist with the application process, a funding seminar for local groups will be held at the end November 2005.

14. All the applications in the main bidding round will be assessed and scored against the grant eligibility and criteria during January and February 2006. It is proposed that applications together with the assessment scores and recommendations from the proposed Area Partnership Groups are considered at the meetings of the Overview & Scrutiny Committees in March 2006.

15. Applications will be considered by Executive on 4th April 2006. Organisations will be notified the outcome of their applications in writing after the council meeting on 25th April 2006.


The Environment and Leisure Overview and Scrutiny Committee is asked to make observations to the Executive on the following: 1) Whether the Community Partnerships Fund should be continued in 2006/07; 2) The Application Guidance for the Community Partnerships Fund, 2006/07, including grant criteria and project eligibility, as set out in Annexe 2; 3) The proposals for continuing the Area Partnership Groups to assist with the grant assessments as detailed in paragraph 11;

4) The proposed timetable for grant awards in 2006/07, as set out in Annexe 3 be approved; and

5) For the 2006/07 bidding round, projects, which improve services and facilities for young people, may be given priority over other types of projects.


Background Papers

There are no background papers (as defined by Section 100D(5) of the Local Government Act 1972) relating to this report.



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