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Meeting of the Environment and Leisure Overview and Scrutiny Committee held on 24/07/2006

Summary & Purpose
The Submission Draft of the Surrey Waste Plan has been submitted to the Secretary of State, and now there follows a six week consultation period, ending on 18 August 2006. The Borough Council has been asked for comments.

Waverley Borough Council

Environment and Leisure Overview and Scrutiny Committee

24TH JULY 2006
[Wards Affected:]
Summary and purpose:

The Submission Draft of the Surrey Waste Plan has been submitted to the Secretary of State, and now there follows a six week consultation period, ending on 18 August 2006. The Borough Council has been asked for comments.
Environmental implications:
Waste management is amongst the most polluting of municipal activities because of the transportation of waste and the disposal of waste, especially to landfill, causing the production of methane, the most damaging gas to the ozone layer precipitating climate change. The environmental implications are that the Plan, if sustainably implemented, would achieve a considerable dispersal of waste, meeting the need to reduce the waste stream and finding ways for Surrey to become self sufficient in the disposal of its own waste. In Waverley, one site is proposed and this will have adverse implications for the locality.

Social / community implications:
The wider social and community implications for the County will be encouragement to make lifestyle changes, including making waste conscious purchase decisions, recycling additional materials, composting at hoe and reducing the waste stream that recycling will become further embedded in the behaviour of the community.

E-Government implications:
No implications

Resource and legal implications:
Surrey County Council is required to produce a Waste Plan in a form set out by the Planning and Compulsory Purchase Act 2004. Whilst there are no direct legal implications for this Council, Waverley is a statutory consultee in the process and could become variously affected by the policies set out in the Plan. Similarly there could be financial implications resulting from the facilities available for waste management across the County

The Waste Plan process

1. The Preferred Options stage of the Surrey Waste Plan was considered by the Executive in December 2005, following an assessment by the Environment and Leisure Overview and Scrutiny Committee on 1st December 2005. At that stage, the wider issues and options were put forward in the Plan. The letter to the County Council setting out the Executive’s comments is attached at Annexe 1. No sites were included in the Preferred Plan document. The sites were published in February 2006. The site proposals in Waverley were not submitted to committee because of the time factor, but all three sites were opposed.

2. The County Council has now published the “Surrey Waste Plan for Submission to the Secretary of State” June 2006. The document has actually been submitted and now there follows a six week period for consultation, during which those who objected at the earlier stages can restate their position.

The extent to which the Plan has been changed to take Waverley’s comments into account

3. Annexe 1 sets out the comments made by Waverley at the Preferred Options Stage. The following comments do not appear to have been included in the final version of the Plan (the numbers refer to the numbers in the letter).
Thermal treatment of waste
Sites for Recycling, storage transfer, materials recovery and processing (excluding thermal treatment.
Sustainable development

Packaging Waste Prescriptive instruments (17) Landfill sites should not be used for the disposal of unsegregated waste. This approach could be applied in the first instance to Surrey’s own function as Waste Disposal Authority. Other specific waste streams, such as cadmium based batteries should also be provided for so such that they are not disposed of to landfill.

Education and training (18) Town and Parish Councils should be encouraged to assist where possible to
give a strong local base to initiatives and to encourage positive changes in public
attitudes and behaviour that will reduce future demand for disposal facilities

Contaminated land waste (19) Surrey should be urged to consider and provide facilities for disposal of contaminated land waste, where all other options such as on site disposal have been exhausted. The present position involves very long distance haulage of such waste, because a suitable site that has been designated is not available at present. Research and development

These comments are submitted subject to any further observations from the Waverley Waste Special Interest Group.

Waste disposal sites

4. In the document “Site assessment Report 2E Final Report,” dated February 2006, there were two sites in Waverley for treatment plants and one landfill site. The treatment sites were at:

Runfold Antiques, Guildford Road, Runfold, Farnham . Petworth Road, Community Amenity site Witley

The landfill site was at Ewhurst Brickworks.

5. The Borough Council objected to all three sites, and the Runfold site and the Ewhurst Brickworks have been deleted from the Plan. However, the Witley site remains as a proposal.

Petworth Road Civic Amenity Site Witley – proposed improvements to existing facility

6. The existing Civic Amenity (Community Recycling Centre) at Petworth Road is identified as requiring internal improvements. This is generally welcomed since such sites make a great contribution to recycling. However there are constraints on the site.

7. The only Local Plan designation applying to the site is the Green Belt “where any development which would materially detract from the openness of the Green Belt will not be permitted.”

8. The site is situated on the A 283 between Milford and Witley. It is within the 2 km zone of the Special Area of Conservation and the 1km zone of the Wealden Heaths Special Protection Area. The development would not be likely to have a significant effect on the SAC or SPA because there would be no dwellings with pets on the site nor is there any direct access to the heaths for visitors to the site.

9. The road access appears satisfactory, and there is a Community Amenity site there already. There would have to be an expansion of the site, which may have an effect on the surrounding openness. Intensifying traffic movements along the access track “might well result in harm to these residents amenities”. There is no scope for a large scale site here because that would have a detrimental effect on the dwellings. The County Council’s consultants were of the view that the Civic Amenity site could be expanded if adjacent commercial land became available, but other waste treatment would not be appropriate. And the site remains in the Plan.


10. There is much to be welcomed in the previous “preferred plan” and the now revised “Submission Draft” of the surrey Waste Plan. However, the County Council has not included a number of comments in the Plan that were made by the Borough Council, and the circumstances leading to the objection to the Witley site have not altered. Therefore, although the Borough Council has stated that it accepts the Plan in principle, these issues remain outstanding. Waverley may need to be represented at any public enquiry if its objections are not resolved.


That the Executive be recommended to advise the County Council that there are specific objections to the Surrey Waste Plan as set out in this report.
Background Papers (DPD )

There are no background papers (as defined by Section 100D(5) of the Local Government Act 1972) relating to this report.


Name: Geraldine Molony and Martin Shorten
Telephone: 01483 523296
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