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Meeting of the Environment Overview and Scrutiny Committee held on 24/04/2002
Fundamental Service Review Action Plan Progress Report

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Summary and Purpose

The report updates Members about progress against the actions and initiatives set out in the Best Value Action Plans for the Planning Policy and Development Control Services.

Officers have committed to update the Committee on a six monthly basis on progress against the action plans arising from the Fundamental Service Review. The last update was given in November 2001. Officers welcome any comments from Members on progress to date.

Annex 1, 2 and 3

The attached annexes explain the current position in relation to the actions set out in the Best value Action plans. Updates since November are shown in bold.

Annex 1 is the Development Control Action Plan.
Annex 2 the Policy, Information and Environmental Conservation Action Plan
Annex 3 the detailed action plan arising from action DC20 in Annex 1

Officers will be happy to answer any questions members may have on the tables.

Main Achievements since November 2001

Members agreed to the setting up of Planning Services Special Interest Group and on which sits the Chairman of this Committee. The Planning Services SIG has agreed a programme of issues to consider. The initial programme was:-
In terms of progress members should note that significant work has gone on in terms of putting in place a new structure to deliver the planning service into the foreseeable future. Full Council will consider this structure on the 23rd April. 2002. Subject to consideration by Full Council the new line management responsibilities will come into effect on 1st May 2002

The Planning Services SIG has been involved in the evolution of the structure and has also focused on improvements to the enforcement service. The Development Control Committee will consider a report on the Planning Enforcement Service on the 15th April 2002.

The new IT systems have been installed as test systems. Work is underway to assess how they might be integrated on an operational basis to deliver the desired benefits to the Council and a draft Implementation plan is being formulated.

Human Rights Implications

There are no direct implications for Human Rights. In considering the design and implementation of detailed processes and systems the Director of Planning and Development will have regard to Human rights issues but particularly to Article 8 issues.

Community Safety Implications

There are no direct section 17 Crime and Disorder act 1998 implications.

Resource/environmental implications

There are no resource implications arising from the action plan other than those previously identified as part of the Best Value Improvement Plans.

The proposals to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the service inputs, and improvements to processes and systems are targeted at improving the outcomes of the service for the wider community, including protecting and enhancing the environment of the Borough.

"Opportunities for All" implications

The wider proposals for the realigning service embraces the principles of opportunities for all the community to participate in the provision and receipt of services as appropriate.


That the progress on the Best Value Action Plan be received and noted.


Background Papers (DoP&D)

There are no background papers (as defined by Section 100D(5) of the Local Government Act 1972) relating to this report.


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