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Meeting of the Executive held on 07/02/2005
South East Plan and LDF Update



South East Plan and LDF Update

1. The South East England Regional Assembly (SEERA) is undertaking an extensive period of consultation on the South East Plan beginning on the 24th January. This period of consultation will focus on the Issues facing the South East Region and the Options about levels of development and where it is going to be located. It will also deal with issues relating to infrastructure needed to support this development and the potential impact on natural and social resources. The Consultation will continue until the 15th April. A second period of consultation will take place later in the year on the preferred strategy and on the housing allocations.

2. SEERA is sending a leaflet and questionnaire to every household in the region and will be carrying out surveys and opinion polls. SEERA has, however, asked all Local Authorities to assist in consultation with Parish and Town Councils and local groups and organisations.

3. SCC is holding South East Plan Stakeholder meetings in three locations in Surrey affected by the subregional areas, viz:

Redhill (Crawley-Gatwick sub-region) on 10th February;
4. The Council is required, under the provisions of the Planning and Compulsory Purchase Act to commence work on its Local Development Framework. The first part of this process will be the consideration of the Core Strategy. The timetable for this is very tight and the consultation on the Issues facing Waverley and Options about where development should be located will be taking place during late February and March. Government Regulations require that this period of consultation should focus on stakeholders and other partners. The second period of consultation, which will co-incide with the second period of consultation on the South East Plan, will focus on the preferred strategy. Government Regulations require that extensive public consultation as well as consultation with stakeholders and partners takes place at that time.

5. The matter was discussed at the Planning Policy Special Interest Group on 17th January. Members were concerned to combine as much of the consultation process as possible in order to make best use of limited resources and to minimise "consultation overload/fatigue".

6. The following programme has therefore been devised:
7. Officers are also looking at ways of using the Citizens' Panel. 8. The SIG, ELOS, Executive and Council will consider the outcome of the Core Strategy at meetings in April and May. 9. The timetable is tight. It is, however, intended that the views of the various workshops are drawn together to enable Members to take as broad a spectrum of opinion as possible in making their comments to SEERA and in giving consideration to the Core Strategy.