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Waverley Borough Council Committee System - Committee Document

Meeting of the Executive held on 28/08/2001
Key Decisions - Executive Committee, Four-month Rolling Programme Categorised by Portfolio


O & S Committee
Officer Dealing
Corporate and Community Strategy and Involvement, Financial Issues, Best ValueCorporate O & S Committee
1. The Herons – Contractual IssuesOngoingS Thwaites/
M Stevenson
2. Urban and Rural White Papers – Implications for the Borough once the legislation is enacted. Date unknownSept 2001C Pointer
3. District Auditor’s ReportSept 2001P Wenham
4. Performance IndicatorsOct 2001A Bott
5. Citizens Advice Bureau – Outcome of
DA Review
Sept 2001P Wenham
6. Community Strategy UpdateOct 2001A Bott
7. Statement of AccountsSept 2001B Long
      8. Annual Review 2001 : Council priorities and the Best Value Service Review Programme
Oct 2001D Fannin
      Asset Management and Human Resources
Corporate O & S Committee
1. The Wharf, Godalming (landlord issues)OngoingS Thwaites/
M Stevenson
2. E-Government and Waverley Direct – New ways of providing servicesAug 2001P Wenham
3. Office Accommodation Review (including Montrose House)Oct 2001R Wood
M Stevenson
      4. Farnham Cemeteries – Chapels of Rest. To consider proposals for the restoration and re-use of the redundant chapels.
Oct 2001 M Stevenson

      5. Member Technology
Oct 2001
      6. Cleaning of the Council Offices
August 2001R Wood
7. An Equality of Opportunity Strategy for WaverleyOct 2001R Wood
8. Waverley’s implementing E-Government StatementAugust 2001P Wenham
9. National Land & Property GazetteerAugust 2001P Wenham
      10. Transfer of Cemeteries to Farnham Town Council
Oct 2001E Davison
Economic Development and Business LiaisonCorporate O & S Committee
      1. Economic Strategy Issues
Aug 2001I Lynch
2. Surrey Economic Partnership Strategic PlanOct 2001S Thwaites
      3. Regional Economic Strategy
Autumn 2001/Spring 2002S Thwaites
      Member Communications
Corporate O & S Committee
      Housing and Community Welfare
Community O & S Committee
      1. Mainstreaming BGOP – To consider ways of integrating BGOP into service delivery
Ongoing in SIGD January
2. Government response to the Green Paper including Starter Homes Initiative, Social Rent Reforms, Arms Length CompaniesOngoingD January
3. Homes BillOngoing in SIGD January
4. Liaising with TenantsOct 2001D January
5. Community Transport (see also Town and Village Liaison Portfolio)Oct 2001J Swanton
      6. Sandy Hill (see also Cultural and Leisure)
D January/
S Thwaites

Town and Village Liaison, Voluntary SectorCommunity O & S Committee
      1. Future Town and Parish Links
      2. Community Transport (see also Housing Portfolio)
Oct 2001J Swanton
Planning and Major DevelopmentsEnvt O & S Committee
1. Future of Dunsfold AerodromeRe-appraise options
Ongoing -
Oct 2001S Thwaites
2. Local Plan – Final Adoption ProcessAdoption Dec 2001S Thwaites
3. Godalming Key Site (planning applications)Aug/Sept 2001S Thwaites
4. Planning Code – OverviewSept 2001S Thwaites
      5. Hindhead SPG
Sept 2001S Thwaites
      6. Conservation Area Appraisals
Oct 2001G Molony
Envt O & S Committee
      1. Integration of Waste and Recyclable Collection – To consider this and other options in response to higher recycling targets
Nov 2001
P Maudsley
Cultural and Leisure Provision and YouthEnvt O & S Committee
      1. Godalming Leisure Needs
      (a) Future Provision
Sept 2001P Maudsley
      2. Farnham Arts - Maltings – To consider the implications of the decision made (either way) on the lottery application
Oct 2001P Maudsley
      3. Drop-In Centre – Farnham – To consider the work being done by the Partnership Committee
Oct 2001P Maudsley
4. Countryside Review – To review the current funding arrangement for the countryside serviceSept 2001P Maudsley
      5. Sandy Hill Youth facility (see also Housing Portfolio) – To consider progress with construction and installation by Pavilion Housing Association
Oct 2001P Maudsley