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Meeting of the Environment and Leisure Overview and Scrutiny Committee held on 14/11/2006
Results from Members’ Questionnaire


Results from Members’ Questionnaire

(Based on 10 returns received.)

1. Are you aware of the Community Partnerships Fund? Yes 10 No

2. Are you satisfied with the grants criteria being used? Yes 8 No 2
3. What aspects of the criteria, or how the criteria is applied, do you consider to be unsatisfactory and why?
4. How do you think the process for operating the Community Partnerships Fund could be improved? 5. Do you think that Waverley’s agreed 25% maximum level of funding towards projects is right? 6. What percentage of maximum funding do you consider would be appropriate and why?

7. Are you satisfied with the level of member involvement in the Community Partnership Fund process?
8. What additional member involvement in the process would you wish to see? 9. Do you have any further comments on the Community Partnerships Fund grants criteria?