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Meeting of the Executive held on 07/02/2005
Sponsored Organisation Scheme - Applications for Revenue Funding 2005/06



9. SPONSORED ORGANISATION SCHEME - APPLICATIONS FOR REVENUE FUNDING 2005/06 (Paragraphs 15 and 16 of the main report refer).

Observations of the Community Overview and Scrutiny Committee

The comments of the Community Overview and Scrutiny Committee are set out below:

That the grants recommended for 2005/06 in the last column of Annexe 1 for the organisations relevant to the Committee, mindful of the current budget situation, be accepted and that the decisions of the new Waverley Voluntary Grants Panel in relation to bodies that had previously applied under the SOS scheme be noted.

Concern was expressed that Waverley Victim Support had failed to receive financial assistance. Officers reminded the Committee that a decision had already been taken by the Executive in October 2004 not to open up the scheme to new organisations in 2005/06 but that a commitment be made for the scheme to be open to new organisations in 2006/07.

Members were sympathetic to Waverley Victim Support but acknowledged that there was little that could be done this year. It wished to convey to the Executive its view that this organisation did excellent work and should be encouraged to apply again, perhaps, more appropriately as a social welfare organisation, to the Waverley Voluntary Grants Panel.

Observations of the Corporate Overview and Scrutiny Committee

In terms of the two organisations falling within the remit of the Corporate Overview and Scrutiny Committee, the Committee wished to commend the officer recommendations to the Executive, as set out in Annexe 4 to its report.

However, the Committee expressed concern about the grant provision for the Haslemere Educational Museum and agreed to suggest to the Environment and Leisure Overview and Scrutiny Committee that the matter be included on their work programme with the particular request for a review to be undertaken, having asked the Museum to provide future business projections for the next six/seven years.