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Waverley Borough Council Committee System - Committee Document

Meeting of the Executive held on 06/02/2007

1. To provide leadership of and direction to the Committee
2. To demonstrate to the public, applicants, objectors etc., fair and open decision-making by or on behalf of the Committee
3. To ensure that adequate resources (financial and officer support) are identified and sought from the Council
4. To chair and manage Committee meetings and ensure the Committee achieves its terms of reference

Duties and responsibilities
1. To encourage Committee members to obtain necessary skills to contribute the work of the Committee and to work with officers to provide training if necessary
2. To endeavour to engage all members of the Committee in its activities
3. To lead the Committee, in consultation with officers, in prioritising its work
4. To develop a constructive relationship with the relevant Executive Director and their staff and where appropriate, with relevant portfolio holders
5. To be willing to learn about the professional disciplines and services relevant to the work of the Committee
6. To Chair the Committee in a fair and open manner in accordance with the procedures of the Committee and assist applicants and objectors to put their arguments to the committee
7. To guide, with the assistant of officers, the Committee to reach decisions based on the information presented to it To fulfil his or her role as set out in the role description, an effective Regulatory Committee Chairman (Licensing, Development Management Committees) requires:

Providing leadership and direction:
- Ability to conduct meetings to ensure that applicants feel that they have been dealt with fairly and fully even if their application is refused
- Understanding of the Council’s role and ability to ensuring that stakeholders are aware of that role
- Communication skills
- Knowledge of local issues
- Ability to manage the work of the committee
- Ability to support and develop necessary skills in fellow members of the committee

Promoting the role of the regulatory committee and quasi-judicial decision making:
- Understanding and appreciation of the regulatory framework
- Ability to inspire and enthuse committee members for the work of the committee
- Integrity and the ability to set aside own views and act impartially
- Knowledge and understanding of the relevant code(s) of conduct and protocols and the ability to champion them

Internal governance, ethical standards and relationships:
- Knowledge and understanding of the Code of Conduct(s) and protocols
- Knowledge of and commitment to the values of the Council
- Knowledge of the basic legal framework of a quasi-judicial committee.