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Meeting of the Council held on 18/02/2003



Having considered the report and the updated information supplied at the meeting the Executive


87.1 the Council make a compulsory purchase order (to be referred to as the “Waverley Borough Council (land off Horsham Road, Alfold) Compulsory Purchase Order 2003) to acquire the land off the A281 Horsham Road, Alfold, more particularly identified in the Map shown at Annexe 2, pursuant to Section 226 (1) (b), Town and Country Planning Act 1990, for the purposes of:-

ensuring the remediation of the land to the benefit of visual amenity and restoration of landscape character;
preventing future development or redevelopment of the land in breach of planning control;
ensuring that the use of the land is in accordance with national and local policies for the protection of interests of acknowledged importance; and
obtaining direct control of the land to prevent unauthorised and unlawful incursions having a detrimental effect on the land and on visual amenity.

87.2 the Head of Legal Services shall ensure that the Order is executed on behalf of the Council, and shall be authorised to sign any necessary Certificates, notices or other documents required for making the compulsory purchase order or for making the order effective for the purposes set out in Recommendation 1 above, and upon confirmation of the order, the signing of any Notice to Treat, Notice of Entry or General Vesting Declaration;

87.3 the Director of Planning and Development be authorised to submit the order for confirmation to the Office of the Deputy Prime Minister (and if any objections are received, making arrangements for a public inquiry including the appointment of Counsel);

87.4 the Property Manager, in consultation with the Head of Legal Services, and the Director of Finance, appoint an expert valuer to advise on the appropriate valuation of the land to be made subject to the compulsory purchase order; to conduct such negotiations as are necessary relating to appropriate agreement for acquisition of the land, or compensation relating to the proposed compulsory purchase order; and

87.5 the supplementary estimate be increased to the sum of 60,000 and this be approved for the purposes of continuing instructions to Rees and Freres, litigation specialists, to act on behalf of the Council in legal proceedings in this matter, and for such further expenditure as may be necessary during the making of the Compulsory Purchase Order;

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