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Meeting of the Executive held on 03/10/2006
Meals on Wheels Sub-Committee – Meeting Monday 12th June 2006
Comparative information on eligibility criteria from other Surrey authorities
Waverley Borough Council - Meals on Wheels Criteria

Meals on Wheels Sub-Committee – Meeting Monday 12th June 2006

Comparative information on eligibility criteria from other Surrey authorities

Waverley Borough Council - Meals on Wheels Criteria

The person receiving meals on wheels must live within the Borough of Waverley.
Social Services, General Practitioner, other care professionals or housing wardens can refer people to the WRVS.

Relatives or friends can also make a referral, providing that as long as the person is unable to prepare or cook food for him/herself and there is no-one else to assist.
Or that the person is unable to shop for meals, in danger of malnutrition or that their carer would be assisted by provision of a meal.
How the service works

Meals can be delivered in two ways, either as pre-cooked frozen meals delivered direct to your door once a week. You can store them in your freezer for when you want them. Just heat using a mircowave or traditional oven. Alternatively if you are unable to reheat frozen meals then the hot meals service will deliver hot meals between 11.30 and 1pm, Monday to Friday.

Waverley’s service is available to people who, because or frailty or disability, are unable to provide their own. Customers can choose the number of days they have meals delivered. Particular dietary needs and preferences can be catered for. Clients may have meals on a temporary basis because of illness or injury.

Referrals are taken from health and social care professionals and from carers. Self-referrals are also accepted.

Approximately 27% of clients are in the SCC Adults and Community Care category of “high need”. SCC contributes 10,000 toward the service.

Tandridge District Council - Meals on Wheels Criteria

Our Meals on Wheels service is a Referral only service, referrals are
accepted from Health and Community Care Professionals, including G.P's,
District Nurses, Social Workers, Hospital Discharge Co-ordinators and
Sheltered Scheme Co-ordinators (Council owned Schemes).

To qualify for the service clients must meet at least one of the
referral criteria below:-

Housebound & unable to shop for a meal
Living alone and unable to cook for self
At risk of malnutrition/not motivated to cook
Unaware of time and/or need for regular meals, where there is clear
evidence of confusion.

Referrals may in the first instance be phoned through to the Meals on
Wheels Co-ordinator, based at the Douglas Brunton Centre and then
followed up by a faxed Referral Form.

We take clients on both a temporary and permanent basis, all temporary
clients are reviewed by myself within their own homes at 6 weeks and
depending on the outcome may be reviewed again at six months. Many
permanent clients are referred by Social Services and are in receipt of
a Care Package. I am happy to review permanent clients if requested to
do so, either by the client/M.O.W's staff or the person who made the
original referral.

Surrey Heath Borough Council - Meals on Wheels Criteria

Criteria: That the recipient cannot provide one hot nutritious meal per day for themselves. This can be for various reasons.
Service provided 7 days a week.
Clients can also have the Frozen Service (delivered fortnightly) or change from one to the other when necessary.

Woking Borough Council - Meals on Wheels Criteria

Criteria: That the customer is physically unable to reheat a frozen meal or unaware of the need to eat.
They take referrals from any health or social care professional and Borough home support staff, including Careline.
They get referrers to review. Home from hospital referrals are reviewed after six weeks, everyone else 12 weeks, unless its a Social Care team referral and then, as they grant fund the service, their referral is ongoing.

Runnymede Borough Council - Meals on Wheels Criteria (similar to us)

They accept referrals from anyone, for anyone.
They do not review clients.
If a health or social care professional refers, they accept a referral for anyone based on their professional judgement.
If the family refer or it is a self referral then the MoW staff make an assessment base on the frailty and needs of the person.
They currently serve around 44,000 per year.
They do not have a weekend or frozen service.

Elmbridge Borough Council – Meals on Wheels Criteria

Target population

Older people and people with disabilities living in their own home in the Borough of Elmbridge.

Service location

Administration of service operates from Civic Centre.

The six purpose built Centres are responsible for the Monday to Friday delivery service with Molesey operating the East delivery service for weekend Meals-on-Wheels and Hersham operating the West delivery service for weekend Meals-on-Wheels.

Geographical locations of the Centres

Claygate Centre, Elm Road, Claygate KT10 0EH
Hersham Centre, Queen’s Road, Hersham KT12 4AB
Walton Centre, Manor Road, Walton KT12 2PB
Cobham Centre, Oakdene Road, Cobham KT11 2LY
Molesey Centre, School Rd, East Molesey KT8 2PB
Weybridge Centre, Churchfield Place, Weybridge KT13 8DB


The Customer must be housebound and physically unable to cope with the demands of cooking fresh or frozen meals. Be aware that age is no barrier if the need is there. For the less disabled we offer an excellent Frozen Meals Service. (For further details, contact the Frozen Meals Manager, Lynda McCarter, telephone: 01372 464148).

Service offered

A hot meal service offered. A five days a week service operates from six purpose built Centres across the Borough. In addition, there is a weekend service for elderly and disabled people who have no family living in the local area (within a ten mile radius). Meals-on-Wheels will not be delivered if there are immediate family who live locally. Hot meals will only be supplied in extenuating circumstances, e.g. the instance of a relative being away or unwell. However, two Frozen Meals can be delivered on a Friday for the weekend. At weekends there is only a Meals-on-Wheels Service from Molesey and Hersham Centre. These two Centres cover the whole of the Elmbridge Borough.


Referrals will only be accepted from Doctors, Health Visitors, District Nurses, Community Psychiatric Nurses, Hospitals and Social Services.

How to refer

Please use the Single Assessment Process that is the Basic Personal information form and the Meals on Wheels information form. It is essential that both forms are completed.

Current cost

Main meal and pudding, 2.95 per day. It is normal practice to increase charges annually based on the Council’s financial strategy.

Mole Valley District Council – Meals on Wheels Criteria

(Extract from presentation to Community O&S Committee 27th February 2006)
Establish eligibility criteria for new clients to include only SCC referrals unless PCT start funding GP referrals with suitable transitional arrangements to assist existing clients.
Do not renew contracts with Apetito.
Seek to pass service back to SCC in 2006
In 2005/06

Referral criteria tightened
Social Care only allowed to refer
Negotiations take place with Surrey CC with a view to them having responsibility for the service from April 2006

Guildford Borough Council – Meals on Wheels Criteria

In Guildford Borough Council the service was reviewed about 5 years ago.
The service was taken in house from the WRVS who could no longer manage the service to high enough standards and could no longer recruit sufficient volunteers. The eligibility criteria was tightened and the number of clients was reduced from 350 to 90.
The service is now a hot meals service 7 days a week delivered with paid drivers using heated vans.
They deliver approximately 28,000 meals per annum to those in “high need”.

Initial referrals are for people assessed to be in high need by SCC Adults and Community Care (A&CC) or by Guildford Borough Council, and they are continually assessed by the paid staff who deliver the meals.

SCC A&CC contract for the service at 25,000 per annum (a contribution of approx 20% of the cost of the service).

Those who, at assessment or review, are not/no longer in high need are steered toward a frozen meals service (eg Wiltshire Farm Foods).