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Meeting of the Environment and Leisure Overview and Scrutiny Committee held on 20/06/2006
Work Programme for the Executive

work programme for THE EXECUTIVE FOR NOTING
BY THE ENVIRONMENT AND LEISURE overview and scrutiny Committee – 20th june 2006
Lead Officer
      Planning and Major Projects
      1. Local Development Framework
Core strategy agreed by Council on 13th December 2005; final document now being prepared for submission. Examination anticipated winter 2006. Housing DPD issues and options considered by members in April 2006. Consultation period during Spring/Summer 2006.
Winter 2006
P Hartley
2. South East Plan and Western CorridorPart I of South East Plan submitted in July 2005. Part II, which includes the Sub-Regional Strategies and the District Housing Allocations was considered by the full plenary of the Regional Assembly on 1st March 2006 prior to submission at the end of March 2006. The joint Community/ELOS O&S meeting was held on 5th June.
Summer 2006
P Hartley
3. Dunsfold AAPOn hold until Core Strategy and Housing DPD completed
Summer 2006
P Hartley
      4. Affordable Housing
To be considered as part of Housing DPD. A joint Community and Environment and Leisure O&S meeting took place in April to discuss the Issues and Options for the Housing DPD.
Summer 2006
J Swanton/ P Hartley
      5. Waste & Recycling
The reformed Waste Management SIG has met on several occasions and will continue to do so in order to oversee the implementation of the Alternate Weekly Collection system (AWC). The first phase of AWC for approximately one third of Waverley households commenced in April.
Implementation reported through SIG on an ongoing basis
P Maudsley
6. Food Safety Enforcement PlanA detailed work plan to cover food safety enforcement for which the Environmental Health section is responsible. To include the rationale for targeted inspection and circumstances for taking specified enforcement action.
Summer 2006
S Robinson
      7. Graffiti in Waverley
A report on the first year of operation of a graffiti removal service in Waverley and proposals for continuing this in the future.
Summer 2006
P Maudsley
      Leisure, Culture, Tourism
      8. Godalming Leisure Needs
Officers are currently working with the John Stanley Jeffries Trust to facilitate a transfer of management to the Council. In addition, plans for a major refurbishment of the existing Leisure Centre are being progressed.
Summer 2006
P Maudsley
      9. Review of Bye Laws

On hold
On hold – April 2006
R Pellow/J Maskery
      10. Museum of Farnham Garden Classroom
Officers are investigating opportunities to attract external funding to support the development of refurbishing and improving the garden classroom.
July 2006
J Maskery
11. Farnham Sports Centre ContractTo be subsumed by the Leisure Centre Procurement Strategy (see below).
See below
J Maskery
      12. Leisure Centre Procurement Strategy
Development of a strategy underway with the Leisure SIG overseeing the process. Anticipated reports to ELOS on 12th September, Corporate O&S on 18th September, Executive on 3rd October and Council (for adoption) on 17th October 2006.
May- August 2006
J Maskery

Progress is being made with telecommunication operators with a view to a Development Control Consultative Forum to consider the 2007 roll out plans in October / November this year.