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Meeting of the Council held on 16/10/2007

Joint Planning Management Committee 17




(To be read in conjunction with the Agenda for the Meeting)

*Cllr C R Baily*Cllr Mrs D M James
*Cllr M H W Band*Cllr Mrs C A King
*Cllr Mrs G M Beel*Cllr Ms D M-R Le Gal
*Cllr M W ByhamCllr Dr N Lee
*Cllr Mrs E Cable*Cllr A Lovell
*Cllr Mrs C CockburnCllr P J Martin
*Cllr S P Connolly*Cllr T E Martin
*Cllr J H B Edwards*Cllr S J O’Grady
*Cllr B A Ellis*Cllr S L Pritchard
*Cllr Mrs P Ellis*Cllr J R Sandy
*Cllr Mrs L J Fleming*Cllr Mrs C E Savage
*Cllr R D Frost*Cllr J M Savage
*Cllr Mrs P M Frost*Cllr R J Steel
*Cllr R J Gates*Cllr A E B Taylor-Smith
*Cllr M R Goodridge*Cllr Ms J R Thomson
Cllr Mrs J P HargreavesCllr A P Thorp
*Cllr S L HillCllr J A Ward
*Cllr N P Holder*Cllr Mrs N Warner-O’Neill
*Cllr J P Hubble*Cllr K Webster
*Cllr S R E Inchbald*Cllr R A Welland
Cllr D C InmanCllr Mrs L Wheatley
*Cllr P B Isherwood*Cllr C A Wilson
* present


The Minutes of the Meeting held on 28th August 2007 were confirmed and signed.


Apologies for absence were received from Councillors Mrs J P Hargreaves, J P Hubble, D C Inman, Dr N Lee, P J Martin, A P Thorp, J A Ward and Mrs L Wheatley.


There were no matters falling within this category.


Background Papers

The background papers relating to the following reports in Parts II and III are as specified in the Agenda for the meeting of the Joint Planning Management Committee.

Part II - Matters Reported in Detail for the Information of the Council

[Ward Affected: Farnham Weybourne and Badshot Lea]

At the Joint Planning Management Committee meeting held on 28th August 2007, Members had been able to ask questions of officers and relevant bodies including the Planning Officers, the applicant, Surrey County Council, Farnham Town Council, Cannons Leisure and Waverley Borough Councils Leisure Manager. An addendum detailing the points raised had been circulated before the meeting.

Members had also visited the site on Thursday 30th August and Monday 3rd September in order that they understood and were fully informed of the planning issues.

In accordance with the guidance for public participation at meetings, the following representations were made in respect of application WA/2007/0430 and were duly considered:

Mr Mark Norris – Objector
Mr Geoff Robins – Applicant.

Following detailed discussion on the issue, it was moved, in accordance with Procedure Rule 17.5, that the voting on the recommendation that planning permission be granted should be by roll-call and recorded. The voting was as follows:

For the Recommendation (28 votes)

      Cllr C R Baily
      Cllr M H W Band
Cllr M W Byham
Cllr Mrs C Cockburn
Cllr S P Connolly
Cllr J H B Edwards
Cllr B A Ellis
Cllr Mrs P Ellis
Cllr R D Frost
Cllr Mrs P M Frost
Cllr R J Gates
Cllr M R Goodridge
Cllr S L Hill
Cllr N P Holder
Cllr S R E Inchbald
Cllr P B Isherwood
Cllr Ms D M-R Le Gal
Cllr A Lovell
Cllr T E Martin
Cllr J R Sandy
Cllr Mrs C E Savage
Cllr J M Savage
Cllr R J Steel
Cllr A E B Taylor-Smith
Cllr Ms J R Thomson
Cllr J A Ward
Cllr K Webster
Cllr C A Wilson

Against the Recommendation (9 votes)

Cllr Mrs G M Beel
Cllr Mrs E Cable
Cllr Mrs L J Fleming
Cllr Mrs D M James
Cllr Mrs C A King
Cllr S J O’Grady
Cllr S L Pritchard
Cllr Mrs N Warner-O’Neill
Cllr R A Welland

Abstaining (0 votes)

The recommendation was, therefore, CARRIED.

(i) The referral of the application to GOSE under the departure procedures;
(ii) An order being made under Section 257 of the Town and Country Planning Act 1990 for a diversion of the public footpath in accordance with the submitted plans and as indicated in this report; and
(iii) The applicant entering into an appropriate legal agreement, within six months of the date of this resolution, (the costs of making the agreement, including the Council’s costs, to be borne by the applicant) based on the following heads of terms:

To provide on-site rugby playing fields and associated works including car parking, surface roads and changing rooms prior to opening of the leisure centre and on such terms as secure the long term future of the Rugby Club or the facilities for the public, including a minimum contribution of 500,000 towards such facilities.
To construct, manage and maintain a Multi-Use Games Area for public use
To construct, manage and maintain 2 tennis courts for public use Public access to two external tennis courts with priority booking arrangements and 1,000 hours free use per annum available to local schools and youth organisations, including wheelchair tennis.
200 hours free use per annum of the indoor multi-use games area available to local schools and youth organisations for sports activities including sports for disabled people.
A programme of outreach to provide education and coaching to local schools and youth organisations covering exercise, diet and sports activities.
Sponsorship of 15 local children to join Elite squads in Tennis/Squash/Swimming, providing free Club membership and coaching.
School holiday camps providing half- and full-day activities available to the general public with funding to sponsor disadvantaged children.
FRUFC will co-fund a RFU development officer and will extend their current outreach programme working with the RDO.
FRUFC will provide free coaching sessions for local schools that have no rugby facilities;
FRUFC to run summer rugby camps for local children.
An all-weather cricket pitch will be constructed and be made available for local schools and clubs on a managed basis.
An athletics track to be marked out and made available for local schools use on a managed basis.
New access to Monkton Lane with ghosted right turn and pedestrian islands
Shared cycleway/footpath along Monkton Lane
Improvements to junction of Monkton Lane and Weybourne Road
Pedestrian refuges at Monkton Lane junction with Water Lane
Provision of cycle routes along Weybourne Road, Upper Weybourne Lane and Water Lane
Provision of cycle route cut through from A325 to Monkton Lane West
Provision of toucan crossings at Six Bells roundabout
Provision of Staff Travel Plan for Sports Club and Rugby Club
Parking Management Plan
Controlled Parking Zone in streets surrounding development in the event of on-street parking problems
To provide on-site cycle route directional signage and LED public transport screen in the main building
Contribution of 64,000 towards bus shelters on Weybourne Road and Water Lane
6000 towards auditing of Travel Plan
Contribution of 10,000 towards cycle route improvements in Farnham Park
Contribution of 40,000 towards surface improvements to Green Lane/Crown Lane permission be GRANTED for application WA/2007/0430 subject to the following conditions:
(a) parking for vehicles of site personnel, operatives and visitors;
(b) loading and unloading of plant and materials;
(c) storage of plant and materials;
(d) programme of works (including measures for traffic management);
(e) provision of boundary hoarding behind any visibility zones has been submitted to and approved in writing by the Local Planning Authority. Only the approved details shall be implemented during the construction period. (i) control of noise;
(ii) control of dust, smell and other effluvia;
(iii) control of surface water run off;
(iv) site security arrangements including hoardings;
(v) proposed method of piling for foundations;
(vi) construction and demolition working hours;
(vii) hours during the construction and demolition phase, when delivery vehicles or vehicles taking away materials are allowed to enter or leave the site. 23. Condition 24. Condition 25. Condition


The development hereby granted has been assessed against the following Development Plan policies: Policies LO1, LO4, SE1, SE2, SE3, SE4, SE7, SE8, SE9, SE10, DN1, DN2, DN3, DN5, DN13, DN17 of the Surrey Structure Plan 2004, Policies D1, D2, D3, D4, D5, D6, D7, D8, D9, D13, D14, C2, C4, C9, C11, C12, HE15, CF2, LT7, LT8, M1, M2, M4, M5, M6, M7, M14, M16 of the Waverley Borough Local Plan 2002, Policies CC10b, CC12, T7, T8, NRM4, EN1, S7, S8, WCBV7 of South East Plan (Draft Submission to Government) 2006, Surrey Design 2002, Parking Strategy for Surrey 2003, Parking Strategy for Surrey 2003, Waverley Cultural Strategy 2002, Waverley Leisure Strategy 1999 and material considerations, including third party representations. It has been concluded that the development would not result in any harm that would justify refusal in the public interest.

In arriving at the resolution the Committee took into account the departures from policy and assessed them against the merits of the scheme. The material considerations in support of the scheme can be summarised as follows:

An appropriate site for the package of proposals under PPS6 Sequential Test
Helps to meet objectives of Waverley's Leisure and Cultural Strategy and Sport England
Need of FRUFC to relocate which has not been met for over 10 years
Financial package which will assist relocation of FRUFC
Public use and outreach benefits for local schools
Public benefit from new MUGA and 2 tennis courts to be managed and maintained at no expense to the Council
Creation of a water body and new planting to give new conservation interest
Highway improvements
Upgrading of public footpath

The main arguments against allowing the development are considered to be:

Conflict with policies to protect the openness of Countryside beyond the Green Belt
Conflict with policies to protect the Strategic Open Gap
Adverse environmental impact on the locality
Poor accessibility to non-car modes of transport
Prejudicing minerals extraction
Excessive level of car parking and inadequate landscape mitigation

It is evident from the wide range of leisure needs outlined in the officers' report and supported by a number of key strategies that the proposed development will make a significant contribution to meeting these needs. Whilst the application itself is contrary to a number of planning policies, given the strength of the leisure benefits arising from the development, the Committee has considered that the application should be granted.

It is acknowledged that the proposal would be a departure from policies that seek to protect the countryside and the Farnham/Aldershot Strategic Gap. It is considered that the environmental impact would be adequately mitigated by measures put forward in the Environmental Statement and reflected in the planning conditions and S106. It is recognised that the site would prejudice minerals extraction as identified by the Minerals Authority. However, it does not appear that there is any other site available for the package of development and the proposal would meet a number of the Council's leisure objectives in relation to Farnham and Sport England objectives. In addition, it is considered that the leisure needs outweigh the desirability of retaining the site for the extraction of aggregate.

Part III - Brief Summaries of other Matters Dealt With

There were no matters falling within this category.

The meeting commenced at 7.00 p.m. and concluded at 9.00 p.m.