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Meeting of the Executive held on 07/02/2005
Local Development Scheme and the Core Strategy

Summary & Purpose
This report explains the Local Development Scheme and the Core Strategy, sets out the process in producing them and the views of Environment and Leisure Overview and Scrutiny Committee.

Quality of Life Implications
Natural Resource Use
Pollution Prevention and Control
Biodiversity and Nature
Local Environment
Social Inclusion
Safe Communities
Local Economy
Resource Use
Prevention and Control
and Nature
Safe, Healthy
and Active

The benefit to the Borough of these documents is that the Scheme will set out clearly the programme of work for producing the Local Development Framework, and the Core Strategy is the central document that sets out the wide strategic policies, dealing with the quality of life implications indicated above.

E-Government implications:

There may be implications for e-government using new techniques for consultation.

Resource and legal implications:

There are resource implications and these will be met within the budget allocation.
The Local Development Scheme

1. The first draft of the Local Development Scheme was submitted to the Government Office for the South East (GOSE) in December 2003. A further draft was submitted in April 2004.

2. The final Regulations for producing a Local Development Framework were not received until September 2004. At about that time, it became evident that the Planning Inspectorate would not be able to deal with all the Examinations (Public Inquiries) that would be needed, and GOSE advised the Borough Council to modify the Scheme and reduce the number of Development Plan Documents that it had planned to produce. This was explained to the Local Development Framework Special Interest Group, who accepted the situation. Since then the Scheme has progressed through the Committee system, via Executive and Council. The revised Draft Scheme is attached at Annexe 1. The Executive queried the resource implications and this point has now been met in a separate report that was agreed at the Council on 14th December 2004. The Executive has now formally requested the views of the Environment and Leisure Overview and Scrutiny Committee.

3. The Draft Local Development Scheme was sent to GOSE for comment at the end of December and has been well received. GOSE has endorsed the separation of the Core Strategy document and the Land Allocations DPD. Some minor editing has been recommended.

4. The intention is to submit your report to Council on 22nd February 2005. The Scheme will then be formally submitted to GOSE before the March 2005 deadline.

The Core Strategy :Issues and Options

5. The Core Strategy is the first in a series of Development Plan Documents to be produced as part of the Local Development Framework. The document at Annexe 2 is the first stage and is called The Core Strategy Issues and Options. It was submitted to the Executive initially on 7th December 2004. It includes a spatial vision, spatial objectives, a spatial strategy and a number of issues. There are also several options for people to think about. These options are broadly based and are only intended to generate comment. The Document will be used to obtain comment from the community on what it thinks is important, and what are the important issues and options. The consultation period is scheduled for February and March. The second stage comes later, when draft policies are drawn up, and again the community will be asked to comment. (The details of the consultation process are set out in the Statement of Community Involvement).

6. Accompanying the consultation Core Strategy Issues and Options is an “Outline of a Scoping Report for the Core Strategy Sustainability Appraisal”. This is a Technical Document which has to be produced to comply with the Regulations on Sustainability and on Strategic Environment Assessment. Work is ongoing on the subsequent Sustainability Reports

The views of the Environment and Leisure Overview and Scrutiny Committee

7. The Committee was pleased to note that the role of Overview and Scrutiny Committee was consistently recognised. Members considered that a new issue on the need to protect and enhance the high quality environment in the Borough be added to the list of issues in the Core Strategy document (see Page 5 underlined in Annexe 2). It also recommended that two of the objectives (see Page 7), one on health and one on open space be amended. The Committee recommends that the paragraph in the Spatial Portrait on health facilities in the Borough (see Page 4 of Annexe 2 the paragraph underlined), be amplified to include the need for equality of access to health care.

8. Members considered the arrangements for public consultation, and the view was expressed that public involvement appeared to be limited. It was explained that, in accordance with the Government guidance, this was the Early Stakeholder stage and the focus was on organisations, though there would be an invitation to the public to make comment through the Council’s Link Magazine. It is also intended to consult the Citizen’s Panel. The second period of consultation on the preferred options would include a number of public meetings.

9. There have been some minor amendments to the Housing Allocations timetable in the Local Development Scheme. to take account of the delay in the publishing of the SEERA housing allocations which will now be issued in July 2005.


10. The Local Development Scheme has to be submitted to GOSE by March 2005, and it should be possible to comply with this deadline. The Core Strategy Document will start the process of consulting the community on the broad issues and options, and means that the procedure will be well underway, once the committee procedure is completed.


It is recommended that:

1. the Local Development Scheme be agreed for submission to the Government Office for the South East; and

2. the Core Strategy Issues and Option Paper be agreed as a document to be _______________________________________________________________________
Background Papers (DoPD)

There are no background papers (as defined by Section 100D(5) of the Local Government Act 1972) relating to this report.

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