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Meeting of the Council held on 16/10/2001
Summary of the Principal Functions

Summary of the principal functions that fall to the monitoring together with comments on functions that do not fall to the Monitoring Officer where that serves to clarify the role.

The role is:The role is not:-
1. to report on any contravention of law or statutory code of practicea. to replace the current functions of the Chief Executive, the Director of Finance, the Head of Committee and Member Service and other officers insofar as they are concerned with the proper conduct of the Council’s business
2. to consider and report on maladministration and/or injustice – including cases considered by the Ombudsmanb. to deal with disagreements over decisions of the Council where those decisions are properly made
3. to deal with alleged breaches of the Member Code of Conduct (when adopted)c. to have the effect of delaying a proper decision of the Council
4. to work with and as necessary, through the national Standards Board and Ethical Standards Officers and the Council’s Standards Committee to help to promote and maintain high standards of conductd. to be judgemental but to deal, impartially, with the facts of any case put before the Monitoring Officer
5. to provide advice, as required, on vires issues, maladministration, financial impropriety, probity etc. as well as on decisions that may be contrary to the Council’s policy framework.e. to deal with the concerns/complaints by Members about officers
6. to ensure that registers of Members’ interests and gifts and hospitality are maintained
7. to work with Town and Parish Councils to ensure their maintenance of high standards of conduct
8. to ensure that the Monitoring Officer procures adequate resources to enable the function to be carried out effectively including the appointment of a Deputy.