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Community Partnerships Fund - Application Guidance

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Community Partnerships Fund
Application Guidance

When to Apply


q For projects with total costs of up to 15,000, applications may be made at anytime of the year until the fund is exhausted. Applicants will be notified of the outcome of their application, or the reason for any delay, within eight weeks.


q For larger projects, with total costs over 15,000, there is one bidding round each year, enabling all applications to be considered together. The closing date for the next bidding round is Monday 17th January 2005.

How to Apply

Hand-written or typed applications are welcome. The application form is available electronically but the form must be printed and signed and a hard copy returned.

Please complete all questions on the application form and enclose the following:

q a copy of your organisation’s latest accounts and signed constitution or set of rules;

q a location or site plan of the project if applicable;

q evidence of any permissions or consents required e.g. planning permission or landowner consent;

q for projects applying to the main bidding round (projects costing over 15,000) please attach a project proposal as detailed below; and

q For applicants requesting funding from the main bidding round, please contact the relevant service officer in Waverley. Please contact the Grants Administrator as detailed below if you require a contact name and telephone number.

If you require any advice or information about making your application or if you are unsure whether your project is eligible, please make contact with the Partnership Funding Officer (Wendy Varcoe, Tel. 01483 523093 or Email: wvarcoe@waverley.gov.uk)

Send the completed application form to: Grants Administrator, Waverley Borough Council, Council Offices, The Burys, GODALMING, Surrey GU7 1HR

Project Proposal
For projects with total costs over 15,000, please submit a project proposal up to a maximum of four pages. The project proposal is an opportunity to provide greater detail about your project and to supply any additional information that is not covered in the application form.

However, please ensure that the following information is included within your proposal:

q How the project ties into relevant local and regional strategies

q What are the main outputs and outcomes from your project

q Provide a more detailed budget breakdown than on the application form and detail any gifts-in-kind

q The relevant skills, knowledge and experience within your organisation to enable the project to be achieved and how any additional expertise will be obtained

q How the project will be monitored to ensure completion to the required standard and within budget

q How the project will be maintained once it is completed. What will the maintenance/revenue costs be and how will these be funded
Who can Apply

Voluntary organisations, local charities and community groups are eligible to apply for funding. They should have the following:

q a signed constitution or a set of rules detailing the organisations aims and objectives; and

q a bank or building society account in the name of the organisation.

Please note that individuals are not eligible to make applications.

Grant Criteria

Each application will be assessed on the degree to which the project meets the following key criteria:

The project has been developed in partnership with local communities and with appropriate local, regional or national organisations;

The project demonstrates community participation and consultation to determine support for the project;

The project meets a clearly identified need within Waverley and will benefit Waverley residents;


Projects which provide a clear community benefit particularly those that benefit communities in greatest need will be given priority;

Projects which meet Waverley’s priorities and Community Strategy objectives.

The range of projects that can be supported by the Community Partnerships Fund include:

youth facilities
community safety
facilities for older people
disability facilities
cultural and arts schemes
heritage projects
environmental protection and enhancement
leisure, sports and play facilities
community buildings/village halls (please see notes under Further Information)
community transport schemes

2005/06 Priority

For the year 2005/06, projects improving services and facilities for young people and projects which improve social inclusion will be given priority. If you would like to apply under this theme please contact Wendy Varcoe, Partnership Funding Officer (01483 523093).

Is Your Project Eligible

Projects eligible under the Community Partnership Fund include the following:

q projects which are located within Waverley and will benefit Waverley residents;

q projects should normally be based on a request for 25% funding. However, in exceptional circumstances, grants up to 50% will be considered. To ensure that grants do not replace local fundraising effort, the minimum grant that can be awarded is 1,000;

q grants are for capital or project costs only. Grants for revenue costs are not eligible. Revenue costs are defined as the on-going costs of an organisation, including salaries, rent, rates, heating, lighting etc;

q only projects that fall within Waverley’s area of responsibility are eligible. Projects that relate to health care provision, facilities for schools and highway or road repairs are not eligible;

q projects within schools and churches are eligible, if there is a wider community benefit;

q arts projects will be eligible, provided there is an educational or community benefit;

Please note that:

q costs for general maintenance and repair of facilities or buildings are not eligible;

q funding for recurring events is outside of the scheme. The definition of a recurring event is where it is held more than once over a period of three years.

q retrospective funding will not be granted

Financial Reserves

Waverley will prioritise funds to areas where they are most needed. Organisations with general reserves (excluding any designated funds for specific project) will need to justify the level of reserves in relation to the grant request. Organisations with general reserves will need to submit a written reserves policy as part of their application and will be considered on a case-by-case basis.

Assessment of Applications

q The Council has limited funds and therefore not all applications will be successful.

q Projects will be assessed on the basis of the information supplied on the application form. It is therefore important that all questions are answered to the fullest extent possible. Please ensure that each section of the application form is completed.

q All applicants will receive an acknowledgement of their application within a week of submission. Please contact us if you do not receive an acknowledgement.

q Applications will be assessed according to their eligibility and on the degree to which they meet the grant criteria, including the 2005/06 priorities, set out above.

Further Information


q For further information about Waverley’s grant programmes or for information about other funding sources please contact Wendy Varcoe, Partnership Funding Officer (tel. 01483 523093) at Waverley Borough Council.


q Requests for funding for Village Halls or Community Buildings, for projects costing over 10,000, should be made under the Community Buildings Grants Scheme. Please contact:
Mr Martin Moss
Village Halls & Community Buildings Adviser
Surrey Community Action
Coniers Way
New Inn Lane

01483 459292