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Meeting of the Community Overview and Scrutiny Committee held on 15/03/2005
Community Partnerships Fund - Applications for 2005/06

Summary & Purpose
The purpose of this report is to consider the applications submitted to the Community Partnership Fund for 2005/06, including the Community Buildings Grant Scheme applications for 2005/06.

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15TH MARCH 2005



[Wards Affected: All]

Summary and purpose:

The purpose of this report is to consider the applications submitted to the Community Partnership Fund for 2005/06, including the Community Buildings Grant Scheme applications for 2005/06.


Quality of life implications – social, environmental & economic (sustainable development):

E-Government implications:

There are no direct E-Government implications arising from this report. Community Partnerships Fund application forms and guidance notes are available on Waverley’s website and by e-mail.

Resource and legal implications:

The total Community Partnerships Fund allocation for 2005/06 is 300,000. The total funding requests for 2005/06 amounts to 400,517.


1. A total of 16 applications to the Community Partnerships Fund (previously Matched-Funding Provision) were received requesting grants of 308,603. A further six applications were received under the Community Buildings Grant Scheme for 2005/06 requesting grants totalling 38,914. In addition, grant requests have been made for the Global Grants Scheme (8,000) and the Active Communities Project (45,000).

2. A summary of all these applications is tabled at Annexe 1. For each application the total project costs, grant requested, percentage leverage and criteria score are provided, together with the level of grant recommended (high priority, medium priority or not recommended). Applications are presented in the table by geographical area under the relevant Community Strategy theme to show how the projects contribute to the strategy.

3. The report provides details of the applications and the results of their assessment against the grant criteria. Details of each application for consideration by this Overview and Scrutiny Committee are attached at Annexe 2.


4. Waverley’s Matched-Funding Provision was established in 1998. The aim was to ‘maximise the opportunities for generating funds from external sources both by proactively seeking partnerships with outside organisations and by reacting to requests from outside bodies’.

5. The Matched-Funding Provision has been monitored and evaluated each year since it was established to ensure that amendments are made and that the scheme continually improves. A more fundamental review of the scheme was undertaken in 2003 to ensure that the grant scheme continues to meet the Council’s priorities and to reflect the new Community Strategy aims and action plan.

6. At the meeting of the Executive on 30th September 2003, details of the review and recommendations for improving the grant process, criteria and timetable for 2005/06 were agreed.

7. The grant scheme has been re-named Community Partnerships Fund to better reflect the agreed aims and principles. The approved grant criteria and eligibility are detailed in the guidance notes for applicants.

8. In accordance with the approved timetable, the closing date for applications was 17th January 2005. Following consideration by the relevant Overview and Scrutiny Committees, applications will be considered by the Executive at its meeting on 5th April. Applicants will be notified of the results after Council on 19th April.

Community Partnerships Fund Criteria

9. Each application has been assessed and scored against the approved grant criteria. In addition, applications have been considered by the relevant service officers.

10. At the Executive on 12th October 2004, it was agreed that four Area Partnership Groups, one for each of the main towns and its surrounding area, would be established as a pilot to assist with the grant assessments.

11. The Area Partnership Groups consisted of representatives from Town and Parish Councils and voluntary organisations. Each group assessed the applications within their geographical area and based on local knowledge, provided recommendations. The results of these recommendations are included in the table attached at Annexe 1.

12. The assessments of applications and funding recommendations are based on the results of the following: Scoring;

the likelihood of the project proceeding; and

the potential for drawing in additional resources through partnership funding.

13. Additional considerations include the geographical spread of projects within Waverley, together with a balance of different types of projects under each of the Community Strategy themes.

Community Building Grants Scheme

14. The Council has previously agreed that it will participate in Surrey-wide Community Buildings Grants Scheme (formerly known as the Tri-partite Grant Scheme) and will administer applications received in accordance with Councils’ Community Partnerships Fund. 15. The Grant Scheme is based on funding for approved projects of one third from the Borough and District Councils, one third from Surrey County Council and one third from the Village Hall. The Grant Scheme is managed by the Village Halls Advisor at Surrey Community Action who undertakes the promotion of the Scheme and administers and assesses the applications for Surrey County Council. Copies of the application forms are supplied to Borough and District Councils who undertake their own assessments and make recommendations to Surrey County Council in preparation for its consideration of all the applications within Surrey.

16. Five applications requesting funding in 2005/06 were received under the Community Buildings Grants Scheme. These have been assessed and the recommended grants are tabled in Annexe 1 for information and a description of each of the schemes for consideration by this committee is provided in Annexe 2.

17. In addition, Surrey Community Action has requested a contribution of 1,000 in 2005/06 towards the costs of 26,000 for the Village and Community Halls Adviser post. Surrey County Council will provide funding of 10,000 with a request for 1,000 from each Borough Council.

18. In addition to administering the grant scheme, the post also provides a number of key support services to Village Halls and Community Buildings in Waverley. The key benefits include:

o Ongoing training and briefings on topical subjects to groups of village hall/community buildings management committee members/trustees; o One-to-one advice and support to individual halls via telephone and personal visits.

Surrey Global Grants

19. Surrey Global Grants supports local community groups who provide opportunities for people not in paid work who live in targeted areas of Surrey to develop the skills they need to progress towards paid work, voluntary work or training.

20. Waverley has contributed to the Surrey-wide scheme over the last few years (4,000 in 2001 and 8,000 in 2002 and 2003) and in the current financial year contributed 8,000. A European Social Fund grant of 100,000 a year for 3 years (2004 - 2006) has been awarded to the scheme. To provide partnership funding, each Borough has been requested to contribute 8,000 per year with Surrey County Council also making a contribution.

21. In 2004, grants totalling 29,660 were awarded to six local community groups in Waverley, providing excellent leverage for Waverley’s contribution. These grants are detailed in Annexe 3 together with the target areas in Waverley which have been extended for 2005. The scheme meets Waverley’s corporate and community objectives by supporting community initiatives in higher need areas in Waverley.

Active Communities 22. This project aims to improve the physical and mental well-being of the community by providing a range of physical activities and information relating to a wide range of health related topics. The project is targeting the communities of Sandy Hill and The Chantrys in Farnham and Aarons Hill and Ockford Ridge in Godalming. The scheme will provide affordable and accessible activities for these communities to encourage greater participation.

23. The total project cost is 145,000 over three years, with funding from Sport England – Active England (50,000), West Surrey Primary Care Trust (10,000), Safer Waverley Partnership (20,000), Godalming Town Council (10,000), Surrey County Council Members Fund (4,000) and further fundraising (6,000).

24. At the Executive on 11th January 2005, the project was endorsed and approval given for 45,000 to be allocated from Waverley’s capital programme. It is proposed that Waverley’s contribution be made from the Community Partnerships Fund allocation for 2005/06. Funding Allocation

25. The total Community Partnerships Fund allocation, including Community Buildings Grants Schemes for 2005/06, is 300,000.

26. The total Community Partnership funding requested by all the applicants is 308,603, with additional requests of 38,914 under the Community Buildings Grant Scheme, 8,000 requested for the Global Grants Scheme and 45,000 for the Active Communities project, resulting in total funding requests of 400,517 for 2005/06.

27. The Small Grants Scheme allocation for applications during 2005/06 is 40,000. The remaining allocation for the Community Partnerships Fund main grants is, therefore, 260,000.

28. The proposed grant recommendations for 2005/06 are as follows:
29. The options for the balance of the remaining 41,162 are as follows:

30. The recommendation from the Chief Officer Group on 16th February 2005 is for option (c) above and the remaining allocation of 41,162 to be allocated to 2006/07.


It is recommended that the Committee considers the applications within its remit and use of the balance and makes observations to assist the Executive in its consideration of all applications at its meeting on 5th April 2005.


Background Papers (DoF)

Community Partnerships Fund and Community Buildings Grant Scheme applications for 2005/06.



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