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Meeting of the Executive held on 07/12/2004
The Continuity Planning Group


The Continuity Planning Group

Draft Terms of Reference – Version 2 (as amended at the 02/09/2004 meeting and endorsed by COG on 15th September 2004)

1. To identify areas of the Council’s activity that will be affected by loss of continuity and to prioritise the level of impact. 2. To conduct a records audit and prioritise

3. To identify the range of potential scenarios and to grade in importance

4. To assess ‘business continuity’ activity already in place

5. To identify locations that may be made available to relocate to in order to facilitate continuity of service in the event that premises cease to be available

6. To consider the security implications

7. To recommend allocation of responsibility

8. To ensure consistency between all Waverley ‘business continuity’ activity

9. To consider the potential to partner with other organisations

10. To prepare a ‘Business Continuity Plan’ (BCP) for adoption by the Council through Chief Officer

11. To prepare the Council for meeting any statutory responsibilities related to business continuity that arise out of the enactment of the Civil Contingencies Bill and any subsequent Regulations.

12. To position Waverley's BCP as a good practice approach for others in the local community

13. In relation to the Council’s primary contractors to ensure that those contractors: -

develop their own BCP; contribute to the Waverley BCP are aware of the Council’s statutory duties (once confirmed) in relation to business continuity

14. To review, on the completion of the tasks identified in these Terms of Reference, the activity of the Group and, if appropriate, disband and be reconstituted as an ongoing ‘overseeing’ group.