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Waverley Borough Council Committee System - Committee Document

Meeting of the Executive held on 06/02/2007


1. To participate in development control or licensing decision making in a quasi-judicial framework.

Duties and responsibilities
1. To be aware of the quasi-judicial nature of regulatory committee decision making
2. To have sufficient technical, legal and procedural knowledge to contribute fairly and correctly to the function of the Committee
3. To be thorough and objective in receiving and responding to professional advice in the conduct of meetings and individual cases/applications before the Committee
4. To participate effectively in meetings of the regulatory Committee, ensuring that both local considerations and policy recommendations are balanced to contribute to effective decision making
5. To make informed and balanced decisions, within the terms of reference of the Committee, which accord with legal, constitutional and policy requirements
6. To ensure the integrity of the Committee’s decision making and of his/ her own role by adhering to the Code of Conduct(s) and other constitutional and legal requirements
7. To promote and support good governance by the Council
8. To understand the respective roles of members, officers and external parties operating within the regulatory Committee’s area of responsibility

To fulfil his or her role as laid out in the role description, an effective Member of a Regulatory Committee requires the following:

Understanding the nature of the regulatory committee and quasi-judicial decision making:
- Integrity and the ability to set aside own views and act impartially
- Knowledge of law, policy and procedures for that regulatory/quasi judicial area
- Maintenance of knowledge
- Objectivity and judgement

Participating in meetings and making decisions:
- Ability to listen and to consider and respect the views of other contributors
- Good public speaking skills
- Good advocacy skills

Internal governance, ethical standards and relationships:
- Knowledge and understanding of the Code of Conduct(s) and protocols
- Knowledge of and a commitment to the values of the Council