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Meeting of the Executive held on 06/01/2004
Summary of the Government and the Health and Safety Commissions' "Revitalising Health and Safety Strategy" in 2001


Summary of The Government and the Health and Safety
Commissions’ ‘Revitalising Health and Safety Strategy’ in 2001

The strategy is aimed at reversing the national trend of reducing numbers of inspectors, inspections and enforcement activity amongst local authorities. The need for the ‘Revitalising Strategy’ was put into context by the following key statistics for England, Scotland and Wales in 2000/01:-

1. 1,070 FTE local authority enforcement officers – a reduction of 33% over the previous 4 years and the lowest ever level.

2. 1,121 local authority enforced premises per inspector – up from 857 in 1995/96.

3. 300,000 visits to local authority enforced premises - visit rate has reduced by 25% in 5yrs.

4. 66,000 complaints about local authority enforced premises – an increasing number (93% were investigated).

5. 5,810 formal notices issued - a 5% fall over the previous year.

6. 394 informations laid – greater than 80% conviction rate but only 25% of LAs took prosecutions.