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Meeting of the Executive held on 17/05/2005
Housing Special Interest Group




[Wards Affected: All]
[Wards Affected: All]
B.1 The SIG received the Key Activity List, which had been produced in list format to show easily where responsibilities lie for key issues for the Council, Shadow Housing Board, or both, and progress to date. Now all the consultants have been appointed a coordinated Project Plan will be put together. The Key Activity List will be reported to the meeting of the Shadow Housing Board and progress continuously tracked to the point of the Council’s formal offer to tenants.

B.2 The SIG were advised that when the application to join the transfer list was submitted in January, the timescale was such that Officers had only 10 days to develop an extremely complex model. It had since emerged that although replacement double-glazing had been included, it did not appear within the first six years of the works programme.

B3. Officers had contacted the Community Housing Task Force and had been advised to resubmit this element of the application. The deadline for receipt at the Office of the Deputy Prime Minister was the day following the meeting of the SIG. The SIG’s support was sought to initiate Chief Executive’s urgent action under delegated authority to submit the revised submission.

B.4 Members of the SIG were of the view that, as double-glazing had formed part of the previous stock transfer programme, it was essential to include it in the current programme and within the specified timescale. The SIG was therefore in support of the Chief Executive using delegated authority to enable the revised submission to be received by the ODPM within the required timescale, and noted that this would be reported to the Executive at their next meeting.

B.5 The SIG received the revised pricing model incorporating the cost for the double-glazing programme. Members noted it did not have a significant impact on the capital receipt and the stock valuation would change until the point of transfer due to continuing repairs and maintenance and Right to Buy.
B.6 Officers noted a request from Members for regular updates to Committee and undertook to produce frequent briefing reports to Community Overview and Scrutiny and the Executive.

[Wards Affected: All]
C.1 The SIG noted the agenda for the meeting of the Shadow Housing Board. Members were advised that with the recent appointment of five Independent Members, the membership of the Board is complete. All members will be working to represent the interests of the Board and the future Housing Association.

C.2 The SIG discussed the representation of Shadow Housing Board members across the Borough and noted that members had a broad range of essential skills and expertise which was something the Housing Corporation would be looking for.


Agreement had been reached with the Chairman to hold future meetings at 2.30pm on the third Wednesday of the month. Meetings with consultants will take place in the morning and the Shadow Housing Board in the evening of the same day. A list of dates had been circulated.

Next meeting: 2.30 pm Wednesday 18th May, Committee Room 1

Present at the Meeting on 20th April

Representing WBC

Mr K T Reed (Chairman), Mrs P Ellis, Mrs P M Frost, Mr P B Isherwood, Mrs S R Jacobs, Mrs J R Keen

Representing the Consultants

Ms Sharon Smith (Broadgate Communications), Ms Sue Groom (HQN),
Apologies were received from Mr A Rayner

The following officers were present:-

Mr D J January (Director of Housing), Mrs L Austin, Mr Iain Lynch,