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Meeting of the Executive held on 12/06/2007

Summary & Purpose
To provide Members of the Executive with an update on the current situation regarding aspects of the East Street project.




[Wards Affected: All Farnham Wards]

Summary and Purpose

To provide Members of the Executive with an update on the current situation regarding aspects of the East Street project.


1. Following the appointment of the Executive, the Leader and Deputy Leader, together with the acting Managing Director and the new Managing Director elect, met with senior representatives of Crest Nicholson. The main thrust of the meeting was to enable the Members to assure Crest that Waverley wished to see a successful scheme developed on the East Street site and wanted to find a scheme that was acceptable to all parties and in particular to the residents of Farnham. The directors of Crest welcomed this reassurance and are currently reviewing the content of the scheme as submitted for planning.

Compulsory Purchase Order

2. For the benefit of new Members, the previous administration agreed to pursue a Compulsory Purchase Order to enable completion of the necessary land assembly required for the site. This agreement was subject to satisfactory safeguards for Waverley being built into the process. The major safeguard required is an indemnity from Crest to cover the Council against expense which might be incurred by Waverley as a result of a CPO which would not normally be incurred had the site assembly been completed by agreement. This is a complex agreement and is currently being negotiated by our respective lawyers. The two main outstanding acquisitions are the Marlborough Head public house and the site of the former cinema on East Street.

3. Once the exact site to be subject to CPO has been established it will be necessary to seek a further resolution from the Council to proceed and a subsequent report will be brought forward in due course.

4. Members should be aware that your officers and agents are continuing efforts to secure acquisition by agreement but it is necessary none the less to pursue CPO powers until this has been agreed.


5. As part of Waverley’s agreed responsibility under the conditional contract it is necessary to find a suitable relocation for Brightwells Tennis Club. Land in Council ownership at Riverside has been identified as a suitable site.
6. At the same time it has been estimated that we will require additional car parking following completion of the development and, more importantly, while works take place. Riverside has also been identified as a suitable location for this.

7. A scheme has been prepared for both a new Tennis facility and 200 additional parking spaces on land at Riverside. It is considered advantageous if the planning application for this is submitted by Crest. This they have agreed to do subject to Waverley providing them with a similar indemnity as referred to above. This is currently under negotiation. At the same time we are currently investigating possible advantages in Crest acting as contractor for the Riverside works. This would certainly enable the fine-tuning of building works and hopefully minimise disruption to the Town. The major factor in this consideration will however be the cost and this is something Crest are currently looking at with their Quantity Surveyors.

Planning Applications

8. A series of Planning Applications, both for outline permission and for listed building consent relating to Brightwells House have been submitted. In order to safeguard their position, Crest submitted a further duplicate application early last month. Processing of these applications has been delayed by the Special Protection Area [SPA] issue and the need to get an avoidance strategy in place. This was finally agreed in February 2007. Additionally there has been delay in receiving substantive consultee responses from the Environment Agency and Surrey County Council as highway authority. Some of these are still outstanding at the date of preparing this report but final responses are expected in the near future. At present the earliest it is anticipated that consideration could be made by Members is late July.

Human Rights Implications

9. There are no known Human Rights implications directly related to this matter.

Community Safety Implications

10. Community Safety implications will form an integral part of the planning process.

Resource and Risk Implications

11. There are no direct resource or risk implications from this report. However, the East Street regeneration has significant financial implications, both revenue and capital, and risk implications. These will be detailed in reports where decisions are being taken.


It is recommended that this update report be noted.

Background Papers (DoPD)

There are no background papers (as defined by Section 100D(5) of the Local Government Act 1972) relating to this report.


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