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Meeting of the Executive held on 11/10/2005



1. Introduction

1.1 The 2005/06 Capital Programme for Electronic Government for Customer Services is shown at Annexe A. The following notes provide a brief description of each project and the particular application system and/or items of information and communications technology the council will be investing in.

1.2 Where the investment is being made to support the implementation of the ODPM’s e-Government agenda the appropriate priority service outcome is identified in parentheses.

2. ICT Infrastructure Rolling Programme

2.1 In addition to implementing the technology to deliver e-government the Council needs to continue to invest in its IT infrastructure - the hardware and networks required to store, retrieve and distribute electronically the information required in the delivery of its services.

2.1.1 Forward Programme / Legislative Changes - 15,000

This budget is used for the legislative changes that occur to system applications and any other unplanned expenditure.

2.1.2 Desktop / Server Upgrades - 75,000

This finances the on-going rolling programme of upgrading and replacing the Council’s system servers and desktop PCs to ensure continuous availability of efficient IT facilities to Members and staff.

2.1.3 Network Consultancy / Upgrade - 25,000

A network and infrastructure review to ensure appropriate capacity for the following two years.

2.1.4 Image Processing & Workflow Management - 25,000

This finances the on-going rolling programme build upon the Council’s investment is its corporate Document image Process (DIP) system by upgrading and replacing existing hardware and systems and expanding the use of the technology into other service areas.

2.1.5 Review Security Arrangements - 5,000

To test the robustness and resilience of external facing interfaces to the Waverley network and website to prevent unauthorised access.

3. Maintaining Existing Systems

3.1 The Council also needs to continue to invest in the implementation and upgrade of the back-of-office systems required to process the data that is essential to the administration and management of all of its services.

3.1.1 Upgrade / Replace systems - 70,000

To be spent on purchase and implementation of a new Environmental Health system.

(R7 – Online tracking of environmental services.)

3.1.2 Cash Receipting - 14,000

The Council’s cash receipting passbook printers are seven year’s old and becoming increasingly unreliable. Replacement printers are to be purchased to ensure continuity of service at the Cash and Locality offices.

4. Electronic Government for Customer Service

4.1 These projects focus upon the implementation or ongoing enhancement of systems to deliver specific e-Government priority service outcomes.

4.1.1 Members’ Home PC Facilities – e-mail & internet - 10,000

This finances the upgrading and replacing of laptop/desktop PC’s and printers for Members.

(R20 – E-mail and internet access provided for all Members.)

4.1.2 Skills Training – e-skills - 10,000

Ongoing expenditure on training staff to acquire the technical skills required to take full advantage of the Council’s investment in Information and Communications Technology (ICT) to deliver customer-focussed services.

(G18 – Establishment of e-skills training programme.)

4.1.3 Remote working – Company Transport Plan - 20,000

To be spent on web-enabling SX3 Building Control system to support home-working for Building Control Officers including the implementation of a dedicated Citrix server if appropriate

(R21 – ICT support and documented policy for home/remote working for Council Members and staff.

R22 – Access to home/remote working facilities to council members and staff.)

4.1.4 e-Purchasing - 10,000

To be spent on implementing the Government Procurement Cards and linking the purchase ledger to the Council’s Document Image Processing (DIP) system.

(R9 – Appropriate online e-procurement solutions in place.

G9 – Regional co-operation on e-procurement between local councils.)

4.1.5 Web-enabling Back Office Systems - 20,000

To be spent on a number of back office systems including “Positional accuracy” re Planning maps, electronic import of “Competent Person” data for Building Control and upgrade of Personnel system.

(G5 – Public access to corporate GIS for map-based data presentation of property-related information.

R8 – Online processing of building control applications.)

4.1.6 Committee Meetings on-line - 10,000

To be used as matched funding to lever European funding, as part of the EU e-Participation consortium, to invest in additional equipment (including a portable webcam) to improve the facility to webcast committee meetings, training sessions, community projects etc.

(G4 – Multimedia resources on local policy priorities accessible via public website.)

4.1.7 Joint Working Surrey e-partnership - 38,000

Ongoing investment in the development and support of Surrey e-Partnership projects (surreyonline.info, surreyjob.info, surreyalert.info etc.) including the creation of a Surrey-wide community information portal enabling groups to create and update their own web pages.

(G2 - Empowering local organisations to maintain their own information online – and numerous other priority outcomes requiring the Council to deliver joined-up government and provide online access and “deep linking” to all providers of public services within the Borough.)

5. Information Management

5.1 Key to Council implementing the ODPM’s e-Government agenda, and complying with Freedom of Information FoI) and Data Protection legislation, it is necessary to invest in systems to manage its information resource and in the staff with the appropriate technical expertise to support the implementation of the agenda by the end of this financial year. .

5.1.1 Freedom of Information - 70,000

Legislation (including the FoI Act) and the ODPM’s e-Government agenda require the Council to manage its information securely, confidentially, appropriately and efficiently and to conform to specific standards of electronic document and records management (EDRM). This money will be spent on the identification and implementation of an EDRM system appropriate to the Council’s requirements and responsibilities.

(G19 - Adoption of ISO 15489 methodology for Electronic Document Records Management etc. to meet the needs of Freedom of Information and Data Protection legislation.)

5.1.2 Capitalisation of IT resource - 33,000

This budget is used for an additional member of staff to assist with the implementation of systems and services in support of the Implementing Electronic Government programme. The post is funded from the IEG grant for a two year period ending August 2006.